A girl named Devon Lambour, after getting engaged to her lover, received a valuable gift from her mother - her wedding dress. The woman has kept her outfit since 1984 and, accordingly, this year he turned 39 years old.

Devon told Business Insider that while her mother's dress was beautiful, she didn't plan to wear it, but wanted to include it in the wedding celebration somehow. Therefore, she decided to completely redesign it and make pants out of a satin skirt.

The bride also noted that although her outfit at first glance does not seem very complicated, it took eight months to remake it and cost her about 1 thousand dollars. It took so much time to sew and rework, as the girl went many times to various fittings and discussions of outfit design, because the seamstress had only one attempt. Accordingly, first I had to make a model of trousers from a different fabric, achieve a perfect fit on the figure, and only after that proceed to alteration.

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Devon wore her new suit with pants to a dinner party she organized before the wedding.

Devon Lambur / instagram.com/devlambur