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The moon is in Aries until 22:30 on November 24

This period is defined as a time of purposefulness and optimism. People are possessed by a spirit of vigor, enthusiasm, actions are based more on the urge than on reason. It is necessary to strengthen self-control, sense of humor and self-irony. The resulting energy greatly exacerbates emotions. Our feelings during this period are easily hurt. On days when the moon is in Aries, irritability, temperament, and even aggressiveness increase.

With your parents, if you communicate, keep a psychological distance. While the Moon is in Aries, sons-in-law and mothers-in-law do not love very much and their relationships become similar to those in anecdotes. Daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law compete in everything.

The head and brain are vulnerable. Strokes, headaches are becoming more frequent. Avoid any tension. Eyes should not strain and minimize computer use, reading and watching TV.

Lunar calendar: lasts 10 lunar day until 14:49

The energy is in full swing, invigorating and refreshing, becoming more dynamic and multifaceted, like a fountain sparkling in the sun. Plans can be put into action. You get the opportunity to use the energy of the universe to help realize the plans. A time of self-reflection, self-improvement, traditions, memories. With such reflections, one can find new information, a new source of energy. An opportunity to learn something valuable and important from the past on this day. The source of strength is the wisdom of ancestors, which should not be forgotten.

This is a family day, it is good to spend time with your family and loved ones. On this day it will be very appropriate to recall the traditions of your family, your ancestors. Favorable for the development of partnership relations, strengthening ties and networking.

A decrease in strength and poor health today indicate that something is not quite in order with energy. Most likely, this is caused by a sedentary lifestyle. In medical terms, cosmetic procedures are better to postpone. You should not squeeze pimples, tear moles, remove warts. Diseases on the 10th lunar day are karmic. If a person misuses energy, it leads to a violation of the immune system and oncologically.

Next is the 11th lunar day at 14:49h on November 23

The lunar energy merges with the forces of the Earth on this day in one whole and gives a person a lot of energy. A great power is awakened in it that must be directed to creation. She feels full of strength, self-confidence, enthusiasm and desires for action. Everything you start now must be brought to completion. Passivity and a sedentary lifestyle are not recommended, but overloading yourself is inappropriate.

A Day When Unexpected Things May Happen, Unexpected Changes Will Occur

Do not take risky action. Be cautious and careful in all cases.

Diseases started during the 11th lunar day are severe and prolonged. They are difficult to treat. This mainly affects women. Any medical intervention due to unpleasant consequences should be especially careful and minimal.

During the 11th lunar day, cleansing procedures for the home and body are recommended. Effective cleansing can not only physically, but also spiritually by reading prayers, mantras.

The energy of this lunar day is not only active but also aggressive and must be directed into creative practical activity. A dangerous day for relationships. Avoid disputes and scandals. It is unclear which action will lead to what. Even an innocent word can cause fits of anger. Reactions are unpredictable.

Make love for pleasure, do not contain emotions. Sex only by mutual desire, not by obligation or to wean the number. Otherwise, you risk worsening your health and not getting any satisfaction.

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