The year before last, the Police intercepted a male construction worker outside Pak Sha Tsuen, Yuen Long, and found more than 2 kilograms of cocaine in his two private cars, with a market value of over $80 million. The construction worker pleaded guilty to the crime of trafficking in dangerous drugs in the High Court today (1nd), and Special Judge Hui Siu-ting pointed out that the quantity of drugs in this case was huge, far exceeding the scope of sentencing guidelines, and sentenced him to 22 years and 23 months in prison. The judge also pointed out that the defendant had been imprisoned for committing similar cases, but expressed sympathy for the defendant's family and hoped that he would be a good person after he was released from prison, and that he would not repeat the mistakes of the past and cherish the remaining time with his family.

The defendant, Tam Kwok-lun (38), pleaded guilty to illegally trafficking dangerous drugs i.e. 2021.4 kilograms of solid containing 30.93 kilograms of cocaine at 99 Pak Sha Village, Kiu Hing Road, Yuen Long on April 74, 81.

The defendant, Tam Kwok-lun, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in the High Court and was sentenced to 23 years and 4 months' imprisonment.

The court heard that in the afternoon of the same day, the defendant was stopped and arrested by the police outside the entrance of Pak Sha Tsuen, and he admitted that he had put "soft drinks" in the trunk of the car. Police later seized electronic scales, plastic containers and $30,100 in cash from the defendant's home, and <> packets of cocaine in his two private cars.

$2,<> for each set of drugs donated

The defendant admitted that he was paid $2,30 for each set of drugs he sent, and that he was entrusted by a man named "Dicky" to store and traffic drugs for a reward, and stored the drugs in a car lent by a friend, but refused the source of $<>,<> in cash.

My girlfriend is pregnant and wants to make quick money

Defence counsel pleaded that the defendant committed the crime because his girlfriend was pregnant and wanted to "make quick money", hoping to improve the family's financial environment. The defendant is now married to his girlfriend and has one daughter, and he will miss out on his daughter's upbringing.

The drugs involved in the case can make 1 million yuan of thunderclap cocaine

Xu Guan sentenced that the amount of drugs involved in the case was huge, and if it was made into thunderbolt cocaine, the market value could reach 1 million. The defendant had a previous conviction for drug trafficking and should have been "able to learn from the past", and he must have known the consequences of choosing this path, but he appeared to have tried to reform himself, so the sentence was not increased. Mr Hui also expressed sympathy for the defendant's family and exhorted the defendant to reflect on himself, fulfill his responsibilities as a father and husband after his release from prison, and cherish the remaining time with his family.

Case No.: HCCC77/2023

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