After 115 days of trial in the pro-democracy primary election case, the case has been completed, and it was originally scheduled to be held on the 27th of this month (next Monday) for the prosecution and defense to make closing arguments, which is expected to take 2 to 3 weeks. According to the Judiciary's website, the case is currently scheduled for resumption of trial on the 29th of this month (next Wednesday).

16 accused on trial. (See the picture below for details)


The 16 defendants who pleaded not guilty: Ng Ching-hang (44), Cheng Tat-hung (34), Yeung Suet-ying (36), Pang Cheuk-ki (28), Ho Kai-ming (34), Lau Wai-chung (55), Wong Pik-wan (63), Sze Tak-lai (40), Ho Kwai-lan (32), Chan Chi-chuen (50), Chow Ka-shing (25), Lam Cheuk-ting (45), Leung Kwok-hung (66), Or Yiu-lam (51), Lee Yu-shun (29), Yu Wai-ming (35). The charges allege that between July 2020, 7 and January 1, 2021, the defendants conspired with others with a view to subverting state power.

List of control plans (see below for details)

Primary election case (16)|The prosecution's opening argument tells the role of the 3 defendants Referring to the primary election and the primary election case (16)|Ou Nuoxuan testified for the prosecution From the pan-democratic dinner to the primary election forum (<>)|After the coordination meeting, the districts are now divided Zhang Kesen et al. Timo Luo has no regrets in the primary election case (<>)|The defense revealed that Ou Nuoxuan sent a private message to Zheng Dahong before the trial Summary of learning to know the advance and retreat of the primary election case (<>)|Seeing a number of candidates make political statements one after another Ou Nuoxuan said that he felt helpless in the primary election case (<>)|Zhao Jiaxian testified Alleged that the local protesters trampled on the boundary and caused the incident to get out of control in the primary election case (<>)|Zhao Jiaxian was cross-examined by the defense, and the prosecution listed Guo Ronghang and other <> people as co-conspirators, and the primary election case (<>)|Before the establishment, the meeting helped to record the Xinxi Coordination Conference, and Lin Jingnan was summoned to confess for the primary election (<>)|The prosecution and defense argued on legal principles, and the judge ruled that the <> defendants' testimony was established

A summary of the main facts of the defence case (see below for details)

Primary election case (35)|The defendant began to defend himself Zheng Dahong said that he no longer agreed with the position of the Civic Party at that timePrimary election case (<>)|Peng Zhuoqi's propaganda used radical words to fight for the yellowest vote primary election case (<>)|Ho Qiming Shi Delai took the opportunity to promote the Democratic Association Liu Weicong did not sign a declaration in the primary election (<>)|Ho Guilan said that his candidacy was only to continue the spirit of social activism and did not think of entering the parliamentary primary election (<>)|Chen Zhiquan pointed out that the purpose of the primary election was to win the most seats Non-veto budget primary election (<>)|Zou Jiacheng wants to use the primary election platform to promote the local faction I never believe in the <>+ mythical primary election case (<>)|Ke Yaolin wants to know the degree of support, Li Yuxin was arrested and won the party's support for the primary election (<>)|Yu Huiming's candidacy for the right to speak, and the speculation is a gesture emphasizing that there is a tilt

31 accused who pleaded guilty. (See the picture below for details)


31 defendants who pleaded guilty: Tai Yiu-ting, Au Nok-hin, Chiu Ka-yin, Chung Kam-lun, Yuen Ka-wai, Leung Huang-wai, Xu Zijian, Shum Zijie, Mao Mengjing, Fung Tat-chun, Liu Zefeng, Wong Chi-fung, Tam Man-ho, Li Ka-tat, Tam Tak-chi, Wu Zhiwei, Chu Hoi-di, Cheung Ke-sen, Wong Tsz-yue, Wan Siu-kin, Kwok Ka-ki, Wu Man-yi, Tam Hoi-bang, Lau Wing-hong, Yeung Yue-kiu, Fan Kwok-wai, Lui Chi-hang, Shum Ao-fai, Wong Pak-yu, Lin Jingnan, and Ng Kin-wai.

Case No. HCCC 69/2022

10 defendants were tried and released on bail. (See the picture below for details)