Want to eat potato chips but don't want to get your hands dirty? Some people think of cutting off the corners on both sides of the bag as finger covers, or some netizens have recently thought of using chopsticks! This lazy way of eating is very popular, and it is also known as the "ritual" of eating potato chips. A sense of ritual refers to an attitude towards life, and the pursuit of a certain quality of life in a busy life.
Photo: Chen Weici

Want to create a sense of ritual in life but don't know where to start? Let's start with the following habits!

Make yourself a cup of coffeeYou
might as well wake up 15 minutes early to make yourself a cup of coffee. From grinding beans, brewing, to waiting for the coffee to flow out, it's a treat, and a cup of fragrant pour-over coffee will keep you energized for the day's work.

Preparing an afternoon tea
and working in the afternoon need to replenish energy? It is better to prepare a small afternoon tea for yourself every day as a small celebration of completing the phased task.

Delicious dinner: cook dinner
every day of the week and enjoy the fun of self-cooking. From deciding on the menu, choosing the ingredients, washing, cooking, plating, and tasting, each step has its own unique pleasure.

Soak in an aromatherapy hot bath to relax tense muscles, light aromatherapy candles for more healing, and you will be able to sleep well!

It's easy to add a sense of ritual to your daily life, and there are ways to add a sense of ritual to your travels even if you're traveling or working, so you can enjoy your journey to the fullest.

Travel ritual: Start the journey with your hands empty

Retirement is one of life's great joys, and celebrating yourself is a fun trip! Chen Zeping, a newly retired administrator, implements his spirit of timely fun, sets out to the world, and practices a happy life. Before leaving, she has prepared a travel journal to record the strategy of planning the trip, the unforgettable experience of the journey, and the mood of each day.

"I retired early, I wish I could fly around! Check in and check in in to check your luggage in the cabin. Sometimes there is too much luggage, and there will be staff at the station to help, so it is much more convenient to enter the gate and take the bus!" She is accustomed to travelling on the Airport Express and uses the city check-in service to pre-store her luggage and collect her boarding pass, so she can start her journey empty-handed. If she wants to make her journey more satisfying, she will use the real-time seat information on the platform to choose a carriage with more seats, so that she can enjoy the travel time happily and look forward to the upcoming journey.

Chen Zeping, a recently retired executive, is accustomed to travelling by Airport Express, and can easily start her journey using the city check-in service.

Business rituals: Enjoy art performances and feel the local culture

Brazilian model Melissa travels a lot to different countries for her work, and every time she travels, she chooses to enjoy an art performance there to experience the unique culture of different regions. Whether it's traditional opera, new school dance, classical music, or even Cantonese opera, she enjoys it. Every time she comes to Hong Kong to work, she has a very tight schedule, and the convenient and fast Airport Express is her first choice to travel between the airport and the city.

After the pandemic, the Airport Express boosted the tourism industry by giving away 10,<> one-way tickets to visitors, and Melissa was one of the lucky winners. "When I come to Hong Kong again after the pandemic, I feel that the train carriages are as new and as stylish and comfortable as ever. The carriage offers free Wi-Fi and charging facilities, which is very intimate. In addition, the hotel I stayed in has a shuttle bus to and from the station, which saves me a lot of time on finding directions and allows me to arrange my work and leisure activities more flexibly."

Melissa, a Brazilian model, said that as soon as you exit the Hong Kong station, you can get to the hotel's car service, which is very convenient.

Work ritual: enjoy me time and be in a good mood

No matter how busy and hectic his work is, Li Qiming is also accustomed to making a hearty breakfast for himself before going to work every day, and will choose a music playlist according to the mood of the day, so as to enjoy a short time on the way to work. "I usually take the train to the airport to get to work, and the journey takes only 24 minutes, which is quiet and comfortable, and I never have to worry about being late due to traffic jams. Sometimes I start work early in the morning, or I work overtime until late at night, and I will choose the machine, and the shift is stable and easy to time!"

He recalls that during the pandemic, he sometimes worked from home and sometimes returned to work, and the Airport Express did not stop operating due to the decrease in the number of passengers, which was also a support for him. He was also quarantined at the AWE Community Treatment Facility, and after completing the quarantine, he also took the Airport Express to return home, and the familiar feeling made him doubly grateful.

Li Qiming, who often works in and out of the airport, likes to enjoy a short time of relaxation on the way to the airport express.

A small sense of ritual can already help us relax and recharge, and we may as well create more ritual in our life, work or travel. It could be as simple as turning some everyday activities into rituals, injecting a sense of special as you embark on your journey, or creating a tranquil space before you start working, which can make your life more fulfilling and meaningful.

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