High Uric Acid Symptoms: Some symptoms appear when uric acid increases in the body.

Uric Acid Control: Changing lifestyle affects the body in many ways. That is why problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and high blood pressure have also started increasing. High uric acid is also included in this list. Uric acid is a bad substance that is formed when eating foods with high amounts of purines. Usually, the kidneys flush out this uric acid, but if it is found in the blood more than necessary, it starts spreading throughout the body. In such a situation, high uric acid causes many health problems. If there is sudden pain in your hands and feet and swelling, then uric acid may have increased in your body too. Here's what other symptoms or signs appear in the body when uric acid increases.

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Symptoms and signs of high uric acid

  • Arthritis or gout is caused by high uric acid. If you have pain in your joints or swelling in the toes and there is pain, then you have a problem of high urticaria.
  • As uric acid increases, it becomes common to feel like nausea and vomiting.
  • Muscle pain is also included in the symptoms of high uric acid. When uric acid increases, the crystals of uric acid in the blood begin to grow, which causes muscle pain.
  • When uric acid increases, the taste of the mouth can deteriorate and there may be difficulty in seeing.
  • Toxins begin to accumulate in the body. There is pain in the stomach and dryness and dullness appear on the skin.
How to reduce uric acid
  • There are many food items that show an effect in reducing high uric acid. Apple, amla and low fat yogurt can be eaten.
  • To reduce uric acid, it is important to stay away from soybeans, organ meat, soda, mushrooms, rajma, cabbage and seafood.
  • Doing yoga daily can also reduce uric acid levels.
  • Do not skip any miles and eat on time.

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