Videos related to animals are often viral on social media. Recently, a similar case related to doggy is coming to light, which is being reported from the United States. In fact, after being trapped in the pit for 8 hours here, the scared puppy (puppy) was rescued. According to a report in the New York Post, the incident took place in San Antonio when three puppies fell into an open valve while playing in the front yard of a house. It is being told that the San Antonio Fire Department has safely evacuated two puppies. However, they were unable to catch the third, who crawled deep into the sewer line and went inside.

Rescue operation saved the puppy

It is being told that the rescue operation started when the department called the San Antonio Water System for help. Meanwhile, using a small camera, the personnel found the three puppies inside the sewer (found the dog inside the pig) and then gently pulled them out of the sewage found across the road 200 feet away. It is being told that this puppy named Pipa was safely taken out from inside the sewer after about eight hours.

Take these steps to protect the dog

Before handing over the puppy named Pipa to its owners, San Antonio Animal Care Services took it to the nearest veterinarian (San Antonio Animal Care Services) for examination. Though officials said there are not many cases of dog falls in private sewer systems, they advised locals to ensure that their clean-out valves are properly covered.

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🐶 🕳️ Sewer Surprise: Late Wednesday night, SAWS crews used televising cameras to rescue 🛟 a puppy which somehow found its way into the system through a private line. Pup was picked up by ACS and taken to a vet to be checked out. 🤗

— SAWS 🦃🥧🍁 (@MySAWS) November 16, 2023

A few months ago, a four-month-old Labrador dog was rescued by British firefighters with its head stuck in a wall. The adventurous puppy is named Mound, who was trapped in the extractor vent of a tumble dryer in Longtown, Carlisle. Firefighters were able to rescue the four-month-old puppy after the dog's owners called emergency services to free him.

Puppy's head stuck in wall

Giving details of the incident, the Carlisle East Fire Station said in a Facebook post, "At 04.15 pm, Carlisle East was reported to have a puppy stuck in a wall at a property in Longtown, with its head stuck in a wall. The team reached the spot as soon as the information was received and rescued a 4-month-old naughty Labrador puppy called Teale named Tiley, who was facing a lot of problems due to his head stuck in the extractor vent of the tumble dryer. Fortunately, the team rescued the puppy named Tille with minimal hassle using small tools.