However, there is a high probability of a sharp decrease in self-esteem, which will negatively affect the solution of all issues without exception – from domestic to career. It is necessary to prepare for such a factor in advance, without planning particularly important and responsible affairs at this time. It is advisable to postpone them to another time, because we will have to talk about missed opportunities.


Self-doubt can be caused by the disturbing dreams that you will have tonight: fortunately, they will not have any power, so you don't have to worry too much about them.


The negative emotions that you may experience on this day will not have the best effect on your well-being, taking away moral and physical strength, which are already scarce now – try to restrain yourself.


The best way to spend today's difficult day is to tune in to a positive mood: what you expect from life and people around you at this time, that, in the end, you will get.


It is advisable to spend the day – of course, if possible – alone: communication with others – even benevolent ones – unfortunately, will bring nothing but negativity.


It is necessary, although you do not like it, to listen to the remarks that loved ones may make today: there will be a grain of truth in them, so it is necessary to take them into account.


It is better not to react to the unfriendly attacks of people in your environment, in whom there will be no shortage today: you will not give them an adequate answer anyway, and you will waste precious energy.


The stars recommend that you move as much as possible today, especially if you have a sedentary job: take more breaks, during which it is advisable to go outside and walk at a brisk pace.


Any conflict, even if it happens at the supermarket checkout and therefore does not have serious consequences, should be avoided today: as a result, you will be completely exhausted.


The bad mood will dissipate as soon as you do what you love and know how to do: control yourself and start taking action – for example, cleaning the house, washing or cooking for the week ahead.


The anxious thoughts that will worry you at this time have nothing to do with reality, so you should not focus on them and spoil your mood.


All you need today is a philosophical view of life and the world around you, it will help you not to take the events of the day too seriously, because they do not deserve it.


Gossip today – as always – should be forbidden for you: the result of such "conversations" may become known to the person you decide to talk about, and you will have in him the worst enemy.