"We will give money for the hospital, but at the moment there is no problem, the management of the hospital will not be changed," the Minister of Health Prof. Stoychev told journalists. Hristo HinkovProf. Hristo Hinkov was born on March 25, 1953 in Sofia. On June 6, 2023, he was elected Minister of Health, BTA reported.

In front of the building of the Ministry of Health protested representatives of the Danaea Foundation demanding the resignation of the management of the hospital "Tsaritsa Yoanna - ISUL" and the Clinic of Pediatric Oncohematology.

Protest in front of the Health Ministry against the bad conditions in ISUL

The protest is on the occasion of parents' signals from a few days ago about the lack of hot water in the Clinic of Pediatric Oncohematology and the poor living conditions.

"The issues of forthcoming repairs, as well as the lack of nurses, have been resolved with the management of the hospital, they are a matter of financial decisions that depend on the Ministry of Finance and our budget and will be solved currently, but at the moment there is no problem with hot water," Minister Hinkov said.

Pediatric oncohematology in Sofia has been without hot water for months

Minister Hinkov invited Ani Stoyanova, Chairman of the Danaea Foundation to participate in the Public Council, which was established because of the project for the future children's hospital in Danaya district. "Gorna Banya". According to him, the demolition of the buildings that are currently on the territory of the terrain on which the future medical institution is to be built has already begun. Stoyanova said that the Public Council works "proforma"

"There is always a need for repairs, especially ongoing, the conversation is long - we went temporarily to ISUL 30 years ago, because the idea was to be part of the future children's hospital," said the head of the Pediatric Oncohematology Clinic prof. Dobrin Konstantinov. "So far, two major repairs have been made, it is clear that the building stock is old and needs to be maintained," he said. According to him, there is no problem with the hot water in the clinic. This is an old building, the structure is old and the water has to be drained to bring the hot water," he said.

Prof. Konstantinov confirmed that he had talked with Minister Hinkov about financing repairs in the clinic, but the more significant, in his words, problem is the lack of nurses. "We are unlikely to be able to attract nurses," added prof. Konstantinov.

In response to a question whether stem cell transplants are not done due to lack of nurses prof. Konstantinov said that this is absolutely true and that the hospital has long reported this problem. "It is very difficult and very slow to increase the number of nurses because these are problems that have been inherited for a long time." According to him, for decades there has been a shortage of nurses in the whole country, and there is no private oncohematological clinic for children because the work is hard, thankless and unprofitable.

"Our children are flawlessly accepted and treated, no matter what crises we have experienced," added Prof. Stattev. Konstantinov.

On November 16, after the parents' signals, the Ministry of Health inspected the clinic.

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