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Kamelia Vladimirova Veskova, better known only as Kamelia, who became a mother at Easter, said she had been waiting for her son Bayan for 15 years.

It's no secret that the singer has experienced several abortions over the years. "It was a very big personal battle of mine for 15 years. I can safely say that I have experienced everything, I tried everything, I gave the most of myself, there were times when I suffered a lot physically, mentally even more," she revealed.

"It was associated with a lot of losses, hopes, pain, joys for a while, a lot of disappointments, to hate and envy. I experienced maybe the whole palette of emotions that a person is capable of feeling, but I did not give up, "she said and reminded that about 150,000 couples in Bulgaria have difficulties to become parents.

"The problem is that sometimes a woman has a serious problem with another disease that she has cured, but the childbearing organ has been removed. Then it becomes even more of a problem because she has genetic material but no longer has the physical ability to become a mother."

A Ukrainian woman has carried Kamelia's baby Kamelia Vladimirova Veskova, better known only as Kamelia, which, however, Tsvetin has recognized as his own and thus legalized the otherwise illegal surgate motherhood in our country, wrote

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