Gardening experts warn that heat sources and temperature fluctuations are not good for houseplants. A plant specialist told how to help indoor flowers survive the winter.

Be sure to find satisfactory locations in your space where the plants are located away from heat sources, but at the same time keep a safe distance from windows to protect them from cold drafts.


Houseplants are dormant during the winter months, but they can equally suffer greatly if they are not properly cared for, as heating is one of the main threats to flowers. A gardening expert recommended placing plants away from direct heat sources like radiators, heaters, or fireplaces. According to professionals, this prevents the plants from overheating and drying out. Most indoor plants need a temperature of 12 to 18 ° C for normal development.


To maintain humid conditions in which houseplants thrive, the expert recommended using a humidifier or bringing plants to the bathroom while showering or bathing. It's also a good idea to spray your plants regularly with warm water to increase the humidity around them, but don't overdo it, as too much moisture can lead to fungal diseases.

You may need to adjust your watering schedule, as indoor heating can dry out plants faster. Check soil moisture regularly and water only when the topcoat is dry.

The ideal locations for plants in your home are those that receive enough indirect sunlight but are virtually exposed to no temperature fluctuations.

In addition to all of the above, the expert recommended pruning long shoots and removing damaged leaves from the plants, because this promotes vigorous and healthy growth and encourages the plants to direct their energy to the right areas.