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A Bulgarian woman won the contest "Mrs. Europe", which was held in Istanbul. Manita Vartan traveled to the destination with seven suitcases.

"The luggage is so much because the evening outfits I went with are by one of the best Bulgarian designers. I worked with three Bulgarian designers, I wanted everything to be Bulgarian, to be ours, without foreign interference in our presentation, "Mrs. Europe reported.

One of the rounds of the competition was with folk outfits. "The costume is authentic Rhodope, with a real copper, a rocker and pitchers. The whole entourage is authentic. Those things alone fit in four suitcases," she said.

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Vartan explained that she is the fourth generation Armenian in Bulgaria and therefore bears such a name.

"I studied Bulgarian philology and worked for 5 years as a teacher. Now I am engaged in fashion, charity and public appearances. I'm also raising my daughter who plays music. She has also won many awards abroad," she said.

Mrs. Europe said that her first cookbook with Armenian recipes is yet to be published. She has plans for next ones with international recipes, Nova reports.

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