At the meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States on November 11, Xi Jinping sent a clear signal to Joe Biden on the Taiwan issue, and experts believe that the external environment for cross-strait relations is expected to improve after the Sino-US summit. However, this does not mean that the pressure cooker in the Taiwan Strait is easing, because Taiwan's internal environment is not improving, but tends to deteriorate. The "Blue and White Cooperation" gangster dragged the shed as the "Blue and White Drag", and the "Taiwan independence worker" Lai Qingde announced that his deputy partner was the "Taiwan independence war cat" Xiao Meiqin. The registration day for Taiwan's general election on the 15th is approaching, and all groups of people are tossing Taiwan's political future, and the people are nervous.

On the day of Xi's meeting, under the witness of Ma Ying-jeou, the chairmen of Taiwan's two major opposition parties, the Kuomintang and the People's Party, held a bilateral dialogue with the presidential candidates. However, the two sides were originally scheduled to announce the pairings on the 18th, but they have been arguing over the "margin of error" of the polls, and the scientific issue has evolved into a political issue. Whether the "Blue and White Alliance" will break the deadlock or not, supporting the masses is very anxious.

Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun, People's Party Chairman Ke Wenzhe, and Kuomintang presidential candidate Hou Youyi reached a six-point consensus on the blue-white alliance on November 11 under the witness of Ma Ying-jeou. (Courtesy of the Kuomintang)

Judging from the reactions of the blue and white supporters, the blue and white alliance is already in the same bed and has different dreams, but in front of the rules of the democratic game, in order to pull down the DPP and gain a big position, the two sides can only go the same way. The Kuomintang still has the mentality and political baggage of the century-old party, while the People's Party has a main battle faction that is unwilling to be relegated to the vice-president; In contrast to the 2004 situation of "Lien (Zhan) Song (Chu Yu) matching" and "Kuomintang (Kuomintang) pro-(Kuomintang) merging", the ideological spectrum of the Kuomintang and the People's Party is very different, and the only intersection is the "anti-DPP", and both sides are calculating the interests of their respective parties. In the end, the highest expectation of "removing the DPP" from the shelves in Taiwan society can only be pinned on the "blue and white combination" that looks like a godsend, which can be said to express the sorrow of Taiwan's democracy.

On the other hand, Lai Qingde, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party, can be said to have taken a sauna in the mood these days. The formation of "Blue and White Combination" made him unable to laugh, and "Blue and White Drag" made him feel happy and confident. On the afternoon of 20 July, Lai Qingde diligently held a press conference to announce the candidates for his deputies, and sure enough, he took the hand of Hsiao Mei-qin, Taiwan's representative to the United States. Xiao deliberately expressed his position in Hokkien: "For the sake of our country, I will leave it behind (devote myself wholeheartedly)", and the five words "our country" fully reflect the nature and meaning of "Lai Xiao Pei": independence on top of independence.

Both Lai Qingde and Hsiao Mei-qin have strong "Taiwan independence" ideologies, and Beijing and Washington will not be unaware of the destructive power of "independence and independence" to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. Xiao Meiqin may be the best candidate for Lai Qingde's deputy, but it also makes his weaknesses more exposed, wandering on the edge of extreme ideology of leaning towards independence, Lai Qingde may be difficult to break through the ceiling of the DPP's basic base, and it is impossible for him to "lie down and be elected" in the election campaign; Even if he is elected, he will not necessarily be able to gain the trust of the Biden administration, which also has its own electoral calculations, and at the same time, it will make cross-strait relations, which have fallen to the bottom, worse.

Lai Ching-te (right) posted a photo with Hsiao Mei-qin (left) in Washington on his Facebook page, and praised Hsiao for being "definitely a leader in Taiwan's diplomatic work today, and a rare diplomatic talent in our country." (Facebook/Lai Qingde)

Therefore, whether 2024 is a crisis or a turning point for Taiwan, the key lies in the blue-white combination. Whether it is "Hou Ke Pei" or "Ke Hou Pei", judging from the basis of public opinion, it is possible to pull down the "Lai Xiao Pei" who is "Du Du Pei". If the blue and white do not agree in the end, and the "anti-green" voters do not initiate the "waiver of insurance" on their own, then the DPP is likely to break the past pattern of Taiwan's general election for the first time and move towards 12 consecutive years in power, or even 16 years; At that time, whether Washington will be able to hold back this "Taiwan independence chariot" that may get out of control can only be said to be uncertain, and Taiwan's social blessings and misfortunes are unknown.

Judging from various polls, the public opinion opposing the DPP's continued stay in power is as high as 2024%, and it stands to reason that the <> general election is not difficult to play, but the good chess game of blue and white has become a bad chess, and the combination of "Taiwan independence golden sun" and "Taiwan independence war cat" is watching the tiger fight from the sidelines, and now only the word "chaos" can describe the situation in Taiwan's general election. Taiwan's public opinion cannot find a target for hope, the democratic mechanism is seriously at odds with the people's aspirations, politics and society can only continue to toss, and the people cannot see a peaceful and stable future, and can only continue to rely on the psychotropic medicine of "freedom and democracy" to quench their thirst in anxiety.

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