"We are facing a pandemic of obesity, which is a major risk factor for triggering type 2 diabetes. In children, the situation is similar to that in adults, and more and more often in children diabetes, which is characteristic of adults. We diagnose 3 to 5 children a year with this diabetes." This was stated by Dr. Tsvetelina Tsvetanova from the Children's Diabetes Center "St. Georgi" in Plovdiv in the show "Pulse" on NOVA NEWS.

She pointed out that a child under the age of 10 should not follow diets, they may have daily physical activity - even just walking for half an hour.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus is an autoimmune disease. Frequent illness from respiratory infections before 6 months of age also carries a risk of developing type 1 diabetes, but only by children who have a genetic predisposition, the medic said.

Doctor with an important warning to young ladies: Avoid phytohormonal preparations!

"If a child starts drinking plenty of water, if he gets up at night to pee or suddenly at night. Among the symptoms is the weight loss with preserved appetite, "explained Dr. Tsvetanova and added that in type 2 diabetes there are no such often alarming symptoms.

Almost half a million people in Bulgaria have diabetes.

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Dr. Tsvetelina Tsvetanova