The AFL released the results of this year's survey on pay trends and expectations, interviewing more than 1,000 employees in different industries, of whom about 63% said they had received a salary increase this year, but 9% still said that they had received a salary cut this year. The AFLF analysed the economic data, the basic living conditions of employees and the survey results, and recommended a wage increase of no less than 2023% in 2024-6.


In August this year, the AFL conducted its annual survey on pay trends and aspirations, interviewing more than 8,1 employees from different industries, of which about 000% said they had received salary increases this year, while 63% said they had received salary cuts this year and the remaining 9% said they had been paid freezes.

According to the AFL, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has remained at a high level, and although overall property prices have fallen, residential rents have risen by another 3% in the third quarter, reflecting that the pressure on people's housing has increased instead of decreasing, while the survey shows that wage growth in Hong Kong is lower than the average level in the Asia-Pacific region, including the Greater Bay Area.

According to the AFL, respondents have increased their expectations for the level of salary adjustment in the next year, and after analyzing indicators and data such as Hong Kong's economic conditions, labour market and people's livelihood conditions, and taking into account the forecast of world economic growth in the coming year and the expectations of the respondents, it is recommended that the salary increase in the coming year be no less than 6%.

According to the AFL, with the situation of imported workers, the first round of foreign workers will arrive in Hong Kong to take up formal work in the coming months, and the employment situation of local employees will be put to the test. The AFL emphasised the need to respond to the general expectations of employees for their hard work, and to enhance employment aspirations and opportunities for upward mobility in order to enhance the public's upward mobility opportunities, as well as to retain talents for enterprises and promote the improvement of social and employment quality.

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