If you buy a Christmas tree too early, you run the risk of getting a sad and bare tree even before the Christmas presents are unwrapped. The Christmas Tree World team has named E xpress.co.uk the best date to buy a real Christmas tree. And since from this year we will celebrate Christmas together with the whole world, these tips are worth heeding.

When to put up a Christmas tree

Real Christmas trees live in the house for an average of four to five weeks. The British are recommended to install the Christmas tree on December 3 so that it stands throughout the festive month until the beginning of January. Many families prefer to put up Christmas trees on the first of December - this is also a good choice.

In Ukraine, since Christmas used to be celebrated after the New Year, Christmas markets opened no earlier than December 4-6. This year, due to the transition to the new church calendar, we will also celebrate Christmas on December 25, so Christmas markets may also open earlier.

How to choose a Christmas tree

The main thing is to choose a good quality Christmas tree. Before buying, it is necessary to make sure that the needles are flexible and green, since hard needles that break during bending will quickly fall off.

Also, beware of a large number of needles that fall. If a lot of needles fall from the Christmas tree in the case of a small movement, do not buy it.

How to care for a real Christmas tree

Once you have purchased a healthy tree, as soon as you bring it home, you need to saw off the trunk by 2-3 cm. This will rid your tree of hardened sap and allow it to absorb plenty of water to stay fresh and green throughout the holidays. Real Christmas trees can drink up to one and a half liters of water per day, so be sure to check that their stand is replenished with water daily.

Also, if possible, place the tree as far away from the battery as possible, because temperature fluctuations can dry out your Christmas tree very quickly.

If you follow all these helpful tips, a beautiful Christmas tree will stand all through December.