The annual New World Harbour Run was held today (12 December), with more than 3,000 athletes who passed the water test in six batches, and swimmers from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area were invited to participate for the first time this year. Today, when the northeast wind blows, swimmers have to swim from the Golden Bauhinia Square Public Pier in Wan Chai to the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui. After Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of New World Development, fired the gun, the competitors swam towards the terminal on the other side.


Mr. Leung, Chairman of the Foshan Swimming Association, said that he and 30 teammates came to Hong Kong today to participate in the Victoria Harbour Swim, and he said that he was in great mood, "I am so happy to be in Hong Kong, the international capital to participate in this grand event." He also pointed out that in the past, there was also a habit of winter swimming, even if it was 5 or 6 degrees, he would swim as usual, so today's weather has not been affected, "It is the wish of many people to swim in Victoria Harbour."

Secondary 4 student Leung and three students, all of whom were members of the swimming team, said they were very excited because they had not been selected in the lottery last year and were unable to participate. He pointed out that this is the second time to participate in the competition, and his mood is not as nervous as the last time, and this time there is no goal to continue, "Swim slowly and enjoy it."

Ah Di, who has participated in the Victoria Harbour Swim three times, said that he tried to relax as much as possible the day before and will do his best today. He also pointed out that the weather was relatively cool but there was no rain, and he did not think it was a big problem.

▼October 2022, 10 New World Harbour Race will be held for the second time under the epidemic▼


Last year's event was held on 10 October, when the mask mandate was still in effect, so swimmers were not allowed to remove their masks before falling into the water, and they had to put them back on immediately after landing, which was very inconvenient. However, today is different, the post-epidemic mask mandate has long been lifted, and swimmers are spared trouble.

The competition group starts at 7:<> a.m., and the participants are all elite swimmers who want to strive for good results. The vast majority of the participants were included in the Youyou Group, which was divided into five batches, including Little Flying Fish, participants from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and local participants.

The Observatory's forecast shows that today's wind will moderate to a clear northeasterly wind with moderate force 6 (strong wind) between offshore and upland. Participants swimming northward from Wan Chai to Tsim Sha Tsui will have to swim against the current, which is expected to be more difficult.

▼11/11 Hong Kong's first marine playground has something to play▼


In addition, this year, Hong Kong's first marine playground "FTLife Presents: Leap at Victoria Harbour #PowerUp" will be held in the waters next to the finish area of the Avenue of Stars, with six amusement rides on two large boats, including trampolines, autumn and autumn, rollers, blister pools, the Victoria Harbour Swim logo "Giant Floating Waves", and a 10-metre-long "Giant Flying Swimmer", which will be held for one day only.

The opening hours are from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., and each session lasts for 45 minutes for successful registrants. The conference announced yesterday that more than <>,<> people have registered, and the lucky ones have been selected.

▼11.9 Hong Kong's first marine playground facility berth▼


New World Harbour Race|Tsim Sha Tsui Sea Playground is limited to one day More than 11,12 people have signed up to play the New World Harbour Race|Tsim Sha Tsui 11.12 has a sea playground Qianqian, trampoline and other facilities have been exposed New World Victoria Harbour Race will be held on 11.12 The end area of the Avenue of Stars will have a sea playground Registration starts todayNew World Harbour Race will be held on 8.30 4000.2022 Registration will be increased to 39,<> The first invited swimmer from the Greater Bay Area Victoria Harbour Race <>|<>-year-old mother has to use a wheelchair to learn to swim in the water and cross the sea line for rehabilitation