Anupama Update: New promo of Anupama serial revealed

New Delhi:

Anupama Episode Update: In the latest episode of Anupama serial, the focus is on the Kapadia family these days. Where Anupama's mother-in-law Malti Devi does not like Anuj and the entire Kapadia family giving importance to their daughter-in-law. Due to this, she is trying her best to get Anuj and younger Anu on her side. But now Malti Devi's anger is going to increase because Anupama's ex-mother-in-law i.e. Ba Kapadia will be seen entering the house with Bapuji. Due to this, there will be a lot of ruckus.

In the new promo shared on Anupama's fan page, it is seen that Vanraj and Toshu are busy in their lives, due to which Bapuji and Ba will think of going to their village. On the way, he will meet Anupama and she will take both of them to Kapadia House. Where Anuj and Malti Devi will be surprised.

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In the video, seeing Malti Devi performing aarti, Ba will say that this duty is of the daughter-in-law, then Anupama's mother-in-law will say that it is the duty of the eldest of the house. After watching this promo, people have commented a lot. One user wrote, "And how much nonsense will you do to the show?" Another user wrote, "Change the name of Kapadia House to Orphanage. The third user wrote, and one day Anupama will throw Anuj out of his house.