The dismissed police officer, who had been sentenced to 68 months in prison for sexually assaulting his son and blackmailing a woman, was found to have scalded the girl with hot water while bathing his girlfriend's 5-year-old daughter, who had not received proper treatment and was still infected and had not recovered more than a month later. The dismissed police officer earlier pleaded guilty to child abuse, emphasizing that the crime was only committed if he was reckless. In his sentencing at the District Court today (1st), Judge Chan Kwong-chi pointed out that the defendant had prevented the girl from turning off her throat at the time of the incident, which caused her to be hurt even more, and that the defendant had acted badly just to find happiness and satisfy her abusive nature, and sentenced him to 28 months' imprisonment, which should be served consecutively with his current sentence.

The girl's mother was convicted of child abuse after trial, and Chan said that the injuries sustained by the girl were serious, but she, as a mother, had not taken the girl to see a doctor, believing that she had no deep remorse. However, the girl pleaded for her mother and drew a picture saying that she did not blame her mother, and Chen Guan confessed that he was heartbroken after seeing it, and finally sentenced the female defendant to 15 months in prison.

The male defendant, FSL, pleaded guilty to abusing his girlfriend's 5-year-old daughter and was sentenced to 28 months, which he said would need to be served in installments with his current 68-month sentence.

The male defendant was sentenced to 68 months' imprisonment in two separate cases

The male defendant, F.S.L. (47, dismissed police officer), and the female defendant, W.N.M. (32), pleaded guilty to child abuse as an alternate charge for wounding, while the female defendant pleaded guilty to child abuse or neglect of the child and was convicted.

It was revealed in court that the male defendant had a criminal record, including two counts of indecent assault, two counts of inciting a child to commit an indecent act, 2 counts of fraud and one count of theft, and was sentenced to a total of 2 months' imprisonment. The male defendant joined the Force in 24 and was dismissed from duty in 1.

The male defendant prevented the girl from turning off the water hose to satisfy the abusive nature

In sentencing, Mr Chan pointed out that cruelty may be one of the root causes of human inferiority, but it was still shocking to see that someone could commit such cruel and evil acts to the 5-year-old daughter of his live-in girlfriend. Although the defence pointed out that the male defendant was reckless, Chan Guan pointed out that the shower involved in the case was not difficult to use, and the male defendant had not bathed Girl X before the incident, and on that day, while his girlfriend was listening to the phone call, he spontaneously went into the bathroom to bathe X, and even prevented X from trying to turn off the hose, which shows that he wanted to victimize X for a longer time, so as to seek happiness and satisfy his abusive nature, and refused to accept him for recklessness.

The 28-month sentence shall be served consecutively from the existing sentence

Chan also pointed out that the male defendant had served as a police officer for many years, and that he had misled and exploited the female defendant, and had influenced her physically and emotionally, which was a tragedy for both the female defendant and X, and also an aggravating factor. The defendant had already served his sentence in two cases, and Chan said that the court could not send the wrong message that the more cases committed, the more sentencing discounts he would get, so he ordered the male defendant to serve the 28-month sentence in two separate sentences with the other two cases.

Judge Chen Guangchi mentioned that Girl X drew a picture for her mother's intercession, and he admitted that he was heartbroken to see it.

The female defendant alleged to have been exploited by the male defendant

The female defendant had claimed that the male defendant had been very good to her at the beginning and regarded X as his own. After they moved to the flat, the male defendant deleted her social media account, changed her phone number, cut off her contact with the outside world, and alleged that she had been followed, monitored and "left behind", and that she was exploited financially. She believed it until the male defendant was arrested, and she did not realise that she had been deceived. The female defendant felt remorse for her stupidity and regretted that her daughter had been hurt.

The girl is recovering well, but the scarring is difficult to erase

Chen Guan revealed that according to the medical report of Girl X, her recovery is progressing well and there is no functional damage, but the scar is difficult to completely remove. X later wets the bed, resists seeking help from adults, and shows avoidance and distrust of caregivers. X said he still wanted to live with her mother, but the girl's father was not supportive.

Scalded skin sticks to the body like flesh-colored adhesive tape

Chen Guan pointed out that from the photos of X's injuries, it can be seen that his injuries are serious, and the burned skin is like a piece of flesh-colored adhesive tape stuck to his body, and he has not been properly treated for more than a month, and X has been hospitalized for 10 days. Chen Guan questioned how a reasonable person could treat his daughter in this way.

The girl painted and begged the judge to forgive her mother

Chan said that the male defendant's actions were a double tragedy for X, not only that he burned her and had not properly treated her injuries, but also that X's mother was also charged. The defence earlier presented a painting of X showing a child crying with the words: "I don't blame my mother, please forgive her".

The official bluntly said that he was heartbroken to see X pleading for his mother

Chen Guan said that he was heartbroken when he saw X being treated like this by the female defendant, and he still pleaded for his mother so much. However, the court failed to see the female defendant's deep remorse, and the plea letter did not mention X's suffering, but kept blaming the male defendant, as if to point out that his role was secondary and refused to face the inferiority of the charges committed.

Chan finally pointed out that X is a cute and beautiful little girl who may need cosmetic surgery when her injuries grow up, and the sentence must be deterrent, so the starting sentence for the female defendant is 18 months. Based on sympathy for X, the female defendant also received support from her family, believing that she would not commit another offence, and her sentence was reduced by 3 months and sentenced to 15 months' imprisonment.

The male defendant had forced his son to masturbate and deceived a number of women

According to the information, the male defendant was convicted of indecent assault and other offences in the High Court for forcing his 12-year-old son to watch pornography and masturbating and was sentenced to four years' imprisonment. He was also charged with fraud and other offences of fraud, including falsely claiming to his wife and sister that his son's liver worm had a brain worm and his brain might erupt from his nostrils, and he was sentenced to 4 months' imprisonment in the District Court earlier after pleading guilty to fraud. The combined sentence in both cases was 24 months.

Case No.: DCCC 335/2022

The dismissed police officer scalded his girlfriend's daughter and did not seek medical treatment for more than a month The girl's mother was reprimanded for coldly abusing the child and was coerced to masturbate The dismissed police officer falsely claimed to be a sick child or nasal spray brain, uh, more than 106.68 million women A total of 5 months of former police officers were involved in serious sexual harassment of autistic children Live broadcast with his wife and watch the child and asked: Xiongwu forced the son to masturbate and was imprisoned The dismissed police confessed to defrauding more than one million women Including the accusation that his son was born with worms and cheated on the cost of medicine, the former police officer was involved in forcing Ziqi to masturbate Xiang Zizi said that he knew a girl to learn Live broadcast and his wife said that he was a real demonstration police officer and the Department of Justice pushed each other Dismissed police officers dominate the dormitory or have not paid rent for <> years