【Policy Address 2023/East Kowloon Line/Railway Development】The Chief Executive, Mr John Lee Ka-chiu, read a new Policy Address today (25 December) that the Government will release a blueprint for the development of major transport infrastructure at the end of this year, optimize the original three-rail and three-way policy, and promote two railways and one road, including the China Railway Line with three stations in Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung and Tsuen King Wai in Northeast China; The Eastern Extension of the North Circle Line, the Northeast New Territories Route and the North Capital Highway (New Town Section of the North New Territories) were added.

The Government will also develop green mass transport, such as Yunba, Smart Rail and Bus Rapid Transit (Bus Rapid Transit), which will connect the uphill areas of Kwun Tong, including Choi Wan , Shunshun, Shun On, Sau Mau Ping, Po Tat and Ma Yau Tong, in the East Kowloon Transport System.

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Last year, the Government completed a public consultation on the proposed Three Railways and Three Roads in the Strategic Study on Railways and Major Roads to 2030. In his policy address, Mr Lee said that the "Blueprint for the Development of Major Transport Infrastructure in Hong Kong" will be issued at the end of this year, which will outline the implementation of all major transport infrastructure projects, improve the railway and major arterial road networks, and optimize the original three-rail and three-way scheme, and promote more than two railways and one road.

The China Railway Line plans to include Northeast Tsuen Wan, Northeast Kwai Chung and Tsuen King Wai stations

In terms of optimisation scheme, three intermediate stations will be set up on the planned China Railway Line at Northeast Tsuen Wan, Northeast Kwai Chung and Tsuen King Wai, which can be transferred to the MTR Tsuen Wan Line.

As for the purpose of the two railways and one road to promote the development of the northern metropolitan area, including the establishment of the eastern extension of the Northern Ring Road, extending the Northern Ring Road to Pingsan through Luohu South, Man Kam To and other areas, connecting the new development area and different ports; In addition, the Northeast New Territories Line will be set up to provide a north-south railway section connecting Fanling Station of the East Rail Line from Heung Yuen Wai via Ping Yi and Queen's Hill, opening up major development nodes.

On the other hand, the North To Highway (New Town Section of North New Territories) will be constructed to extend the North Highway from Fanling North to the east and connect it to the Sha Tau Kok Highway Interchange, opening up the east-west link of the North New Territories.


The East Kowloon Line refers to the Yunba, Smart Rail and Bus Rapid Transit systems

Earlier, it was reported that the East Kowloon Line would be set up under the elevated trackless MRT system, and Lee Ka-chiu said that with reference to the Yunba, Smart Rail and Bus Rapid Transit systems, etc., he decided to build a smart and green mass transport transport in East Kowloon to connect the uphill areas of Kwun Tong, including Choi Wun, Shun, Sau Mau Ping, Po Tat and Ma Yau Tong, to facilitate public access to MTR Choi Hung Station and Yau Tong Station, and improve the overall traffic in East Kowloon.

In addition, a transport facility will be built in Kai Tak to connect the Kai Tak Runway Area to Kai Tak MTR Kai Tak Station to enhance the continuity of commercial and residential development, tourism, entertainment, recreation and community facilities in the district; and the coloured mass transit system at Hung Hung Kiu/Ha Tsuen to connect the New Development Area and Yuen Long South development, connecting to the Tuen Ma Line, Light Rail and major public transport interchanges.

The East Kowloon Line proposed in the Railway Development Strategy 2014, but its scheme is different from the present. (Document screenshot)

Letters of intent will be levied for projects in Kowloon East and Kai Tak next year

Mr Lee said the Government would commence preparatory work such as planning, surveying and design, and invite suppliers and operators to submit expressions of intent for the East Kowloon and Kai Tak projects next year to finalise the tender terms and other details.

The concept of the East Kowloon Line Railway comes from the Railway Development Strategy 2014, when the proposed railway route was between Diamond Hill and Tseung Kwan O, with stopovers including Choi Wan , Sun Tin , Sau Mau Ping and Po Tat with an end at Po Lam Station. However, the Transport and Logistics Bureau has indicated earlier that after detailed study, the railway route will be connected from Rainbow to Po Tat with a total length of about 10 km, and the journey time from Po to Choi Tong East is about <> minutes, which is convenient for passengers to transfer to the Kwun Tong Line at MTR Choi Hung Station, which is also expected to benefit residents of the adjacent Anderson Road and Anderson Road quarries.

The Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, delivered the Policy Address 25 today (2023 December). (Photo by Xia Jialang)

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