There are many love words around the world who like to express their love in their own way or in some special way. At the same time, some express their love a little differently. Many such videos and photos on social media go viral every day, in which sometimes unique, sometimes strange ways attract people's attention. Some methods touch people's hearts, while some make them laugh and laugh. Recently, a similar letter related to love is going viral, seeing which you will not be able to control your laughter.

Troubled by girlfriend's recharge

It is said that things never end in love, but sometimes due to long distance, the bill behind these things becomes a headache. Recently, on social media, a fan is telling his heartache by telling one such trap. A letter is seen in the video. In which the man has written something on the tune of the song 'Jeeta Tha Jiske Liye' from Hindi film 'Dilwale', which he is also singing and reciting. Actually, the pain related to debt is being narrated in the letter. Listening to the video, you will also feel that the person is troubled by debt and is trying to convince the borrower, but the borrower is not ready to accept it. In the video, the man further says that he used to recharge his girlfriend's mobile, due to which he is probably upset.

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Debt-ridden Diwan narrates heartache

The video was shared on social media platform Instagram on October 10. This video has been liked by more than 17 lakh 55 thousand people so far. Users are enjoying this video which has been viewed millions of times, making various comments. One user wrote, 'Why is he singing my song', 'We are also in pain'. Brother, I have not been able to repay the loan yet, he robbed me," the fourth user wrote.