The video of a woman on a date is going viral on social media.

When you go on a date with someone for the first time, how many dos and don'ts are followed. The effort is that whatever impression is there, it should be good. Whether the relationship will move forward or not is a matter of later. But a young woman did such a thing on the first date with a young man that the mail date had to be an excuse to get rid of him. This story is from Fontaine's Oyster House in Atlanta, Georgia. Where this young woman arrived for a date. But she could not stop herself from seeing the tasty oyster and then did wonders.

Chat with 48 oysters

This young woman herself has given information by sharing a video on TikTok named AquanaB. According to the New York Post, the young woman ate 48 oysters on a date. Earlier, both of them had ordered a dozen oysters. But the young woman secretly finished one plate and then called for the second and third plate oysters. The funny thing is that every time after eating oysters, the young woman also took a nap. The young woman did not stop at this, she also ordered crabcake and red potato after eating 48 oysters. While the young man on the date kept drinking only drinks. Before the bill arrived, the young man made an excuse and left the restaurant.

Users supported the young man

After this date, the young woman herself gave a bill of $ 184 and then questioned the young man on the date. Who replied in the message that he had just called on a drink date. While the young woman ordered the entire food. This post of the young woman is getting tremendous views, but most users are favoring the young man. According to which the young man did absolutely right. Users believe that when the drink was called on a date, the young woman should have taken care of it. However, some users are also favoring the young woman.