Mannara Chopra is not Ankita Lokhande, she is the expensive contestant of Bigg Boss 17

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss 17 Contestant Fee: The atmosphere of Bigg Boss Season 17 has reached its peak. Sometimes friendship, sometimes conflict and sometimes confrontation have started appearing between the contestants. Earlier it was heard that Bigg Boss 17 will be a season of couples, but many single contestants have also joined it. Ankita Lokhande has also joined the show with her husband. It seemed that she would be the highest paid member of the show, but a member of the house is ahead of her in this matter.

Mannara Chopra

Priyanka Chopra's sister Mannara Chopra is said to be the most expensive contestant of this show. He is getting Rs 15 lakh per week for the show.

Munawwar Farooqui

Stand-up comedian Munawwar Farooqui, who has a strong fan following, is being paid a fee of Rs 7-8 lakh every week.

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain

According to media reports, Ankita Lokhande's show fee is Rs 12 lakh per week, while her husband Vicky Jain's weekly fee is said to be Rs 5 lakh.

Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt

Aishwarya Sharma's fee for this show is Rs 12 lakh per week while her husband Neil Bhatt is charging Rs 7 lakh per week.

Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar, who is often seen getting angry in the house, is charging Rs 5 lakh every week for the show.

Jigna Vora

Jigna Vora is getting Rs 7 lakh per week for this show.

Anurag Doval

Anurag Doval, who makes a splash on social media, is taking Rs 7.5 lakh every week.

Rinku Dhawan

Small screen actress Rinku Dhawan's weekly fee is said to be Rs 4 lakh.

Naveed Sol

Navid Sol has not been able to express his special presence in the show so far. By the way, his fees are being told as Rs. 4 lakh per week.

Sana Raees Khan

Sana Raees Khan's weekly fee is said to be around Rs 6 lakh.

Isha Malviya

Isha Malviya is trying her best to create magic with her performances. His weekly fee is said to be Rs 7 lakh.

Firoza Khan

Firoza Khan is doing this show at a weekly fee of just three lakh rupees.

Sonia Bansal

In the show, Sonia Bansal is living in the house for a fee of Rs 7 lakh weekly

Sunny Arya

Sunny Arya's fees are also being told at Rs 3.5 lakh.

Arun Maishetty

Arun Maishetti is charging around Rs 17 lakh to Rs 2 lakh per week for Bigg Boss 4.