OCTOBER 27, 2023 Muhimbili-Mloganzila National Hospital expects to perform a surgical procedure to lose weight and repair organs.

The surgery is the first time in the country that Mloganzila will be partnered with the surgeon, Muhiti Harbour.

The head of the Muhimbili-Mloganzila Department of Surgery, Dr Erick Muhumba says surgery will be performed on the stomach to reduce food space and there are three types and the first is to reduce the stomach itself, which is to cut off part of the stomach.

He says the second type is to cross the food storage area and go to the small intestine directly and the most modern way without ripping the body part through the endscopia enters the mouth until the inside of the stomach is sewn it has a small part.

"If the stomach gets fat we reduce if the body part of the body wants to adjust the breasts to small or large it is repaired and the flesh of the hands there are some full can be repaired."

He adds: "This service in Mloganzila will be cheaper than going abroad so we have made it easier, people will get the service with proximity and convenience no difference and going to get the service outside differently will only be costly.

He notes that the cost of surgery varies from Sh15 million to Sh22.5 million, depending on the person and type of surgery and how they differ and the costs vary even if the surgery is one.

Dr. Muhumba tells NewsTODAY that they perform two types of surgery, the first of which is weight loss surgery and a reconstructive surgery.

"That's a treatment because there are people who have diabetes and it's obesity when surgery helps, but also to reduce obesity it protects, there are heart disease, pressure and kidney disease and some of it protects much, a lot of it is a treatment."

He adds in terms of rehabilitation many people say beauty but there are people whose body parts are not happy, they are not confident and some are getting a headache so adjusting the body is therapeutic and adding buttocks is only a small part.

"For example a breast reduction person is not confident in standing in front of people and there are some large breasts hurting the back when they are reduced is helpful, it is the understanding and attitudes our colleagues in front have started to make," says Dr Muhumba.

She says they will perform breast, buttock, thighs surgery to make the character's favorite look and insists that many Tanzanians are spending the cost to go abroad so coming here will help.

"There are still opportunities available to all those who will get this surgery, now those who are being treated outside will not go and the money will remain in the country and we will reduce the cost of going abroad and we will increase the skills of our specialists, your many benefits."

The Benefits of This Surgery

Among the benefits of the surgery described by Dr Muhumba include avoiding non-communicable diseases caused by overweight including high blood pressure, cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke and more.

In addition, he says some people are experiencing stress from not accepting their genetics so when they have surgery they will be confident and avoid feeling healthy, which is also a success.

Dr Muhumba says Tanzania has already begun to make preparations for medical tourism, where the genetic surgery is a great opportunity for medical tourism as people from different countries will come to follow the service and increase the country's income.

"People were going abroad to get access to this genetic surgery and after we started the balloon laying service we were asked that if someone was too thin and meat would it be?

"And people were asking so much we saw the need to bring in a specialist so that the service could be done locally and done at a low cost so this service is important in our country," he stresses.

Another benefit he outlined is the addition of skills to local professionals who will have the skills to perform such surgeries to be performed by local professionals themselves rather than waiting for foreign specialists.

"So when we come more people will go out and we are increasing the economy in our hospitals we thank our leader Professor Janabi (Mohammed) 'supporting' us so much and this surgery is for the country, the medical tourism committee was formed at Muhimbili Hospital is working to bring services available abroad," he says.

"Tanzanians should be available to those in need, but the hospital is also ready to serve the outside services.

They're going to be self-employed

The director of Muhimbili National Hospital, Professor Janabi, said five people had signed up to get the repair service, saying the move was aimed at treatment.

Professor Janabi says that so far only one patient has applied for the beauty service, which will be done for six to 10 people.

"We expect the most in need for the first time we can't do many and the time is limited we will see, because we will do another with our South African counterparts at the end of the year," explains Prof Janabi.

Jokes, online jokes

On social media, people have raised sarcasm and jokes including ethnic slurs that people will now flock to Muhimbili-Mloganzila to fix their shapes.

Among the most stylish of the tribe are the Kichaga women who are said to have large shapes up and down the thin. However, this is a joke that does not reflect the reality of the shapes of the Kichaga women at the moment.

Other WhatsApp sites expressed outrage at the move, accusing Muhimbili Hospital of missing work to find solutions to chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, HIV and others and have turned to fixing the shapes.

Responding to this, Professor Janabi said reconstructive surgery is a medical service like other surgical or health services so it is the right of a person to have a healthy appearance, especially those who are overweight.

Among the repairs that will be made are for people who have had accidents and damaged their body shape or other areas, Muhimbili will rehabilitate them and return to their original state.