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Drake's "First Person Shooter" featuring Jay Cole topped the Billboard singles chart, the publication's website said.

Drake has seven top-10 songs this week, six of which are debuts.

In second place this week is "IDGAF" - again on Drake, starring Eat. The Canadian rapper is also in third place with Virginia Beach, and fifth is his "Calling for You", along with 21 Savage.

Drake's song with Sizza "Slime You Out" peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard chart. It's the only Drake song in the top <> that hasn't made its debut. "Daylight" is in eighth place. In <>th place is "Fear of Heights".

Drake tops Billboard album chart for 13th time in his career

The three songs that formed the top ten singles and were not Drake's were Doja Cat's "Paint the Town Red," which dropped to No. 4 after three weeks at the top. Syza with "Snooze" reaches number 7. "Cruel Summer" by Taylor Swift, which took 9th place this week.

Drake was the only artist with the exception of The Beatles in 1964 to have taken so many places in the top ten singles chart. Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift each had three songs in the top three spots.



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