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Bot for Rs 32 and sold for Rs 11 lakh: Say old is gold, only those who know its specialty can understand the importance of old things. Most people are those who have a good collection of old things. These precious old things also get a good price when the right time comes, which can not be estimated many times. One such case came up from the UK, which you will also be surprised to know about. In fact, a book bought here for Rs 32 has been sold for Rs 11.26 lakh, which the buyer says is not a loss-making deal.

The book was sold after 26 years.

It is said that old things sometimes brighten luck. One such story is coming out these days, about which you will also be surprised. In fact, the book, printed in 1997, was preserved by a library, which he sold for Rs 11 lakh. For information, let us know that this book was sold by Wolverhampton Library after 26 years. Due to being very old, the book was also bursting from many places. This was the reason why, a few days ago, the library refused to give this book (rare hardbound Harry Potter book) to readers before selling.

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In 1997, 500 copies of the book were published.

It is being told that Bloomsbury published 500 copies of this book in 1997, out of which 300 books were distributed to all libraries in the UK. This book (Harry Potter Siris), sold for Rs 11 lakh, is one of those books. It is being told that, when the book reached the market for sale, it was heavily priced, many Harry Potter (Rare First Edition Harry Potter Book) fans also came there to buy this book (Harry Potter book auction).

He became the owner of the book by bidding high.

Richard Wintner, the highest bidder, finally made the book his own for Rs 11.26 lakh. Richard Wintner, who bought the book, says, "This book is very special to me because it is the first book in JK Rowling's original series." According to Richard Wintner, buying this book for this amount is not a loss deal for him. Given the popularity of Harry Potter, he took this decision.