The moon in Libra until 14:05 on October 15

The moon in Libra creates an atmosphere of peace and harmony. The probability of conflict is reduced. It is easier to compromise and a common language is found with people. In these days, we attach more importance to external rules of decency, the rules of etiquette, and therefore become more delicate, pleasant in communication. Do not start global affairs, but quickly complete what was planned in advance. At the same time, the Moon in Libra gives a certain indecision and a tendency to hesitation. It is difficult to make an important decision, to make a choice. A person can hesitate for a long time between all the pros and cons, look for both advantages and disadvantages, think, but not come to unambiguous conclusions. Therefore, it is better to transfer the solution of important issues to another time.

The kidneys, the endocrine system, especially the subgastric gland, become vulnerable. People with diabetes and problems with the pancreas should be especially careful.

Lunar calendar: 30 lunar day from 07:07 to 20:55 on October 14

If the lunar month ends with the 30th lunar day, then it is considered logically complete and you will be supported by a guardian angel in the next month.

A day of completion, debriefing and reflection. The thirtieth lunar day is the day of knowing the world through love and spiritual transformation. A day of harmony and beauty, contemplation and repentance. It is good on this day to pay debts and not only material. The less emotions there are on the thirtieth lunar day, the better. Emotions interfere with rational thinking, overshadowing the mind.

On this day, it is very important to sincerely forgive and at least mentally ask forgiveness from those you have offended, even if unintentionally. In no case do not succumb to aggression, avoid even aggressive thoughts, not to mention words or deeds. It is necessary to pay off old debts, but you still do not have to start new ones.

Eating should be light, drink less fluids. It is useful to meditate, clean your home with the help of candle fire and incense, as well as tune in only to the positive flow of existence. The lunar month is coming to an end and a new one is about to begin, so it is useful to tune in in advance only for good.

A person born on the 30th lunar day brings love and forgiveness to the world (childbirth at this time is a great reward for a person, for the family). It radiates kindness and tranquility.

Weekly horoscope from 2 to 8 October

A haircut is like a symbol of renewal. It is good to trim the ends of your hair at the very end of the thirtieth lunar day. In this way, you will draw a line under all the events of the past lunar month and give your hair an impulse to tune into the energy of the new period, to prepare for the difficult day of the new moon.

It's bad if a dog barks at you. This means that you made some serious mistake in the outgoing lunar month.

New moon at 20:55 (starts 1 lunar day until 08:12 on 15.10.) and followed by a solar eclipse.

New Moon