A number of night markets reopened tonight (13th). Among them, the "Starlight Night Market" co-organized by Avenue of Stars and K11 MUSEA entered the last week today, and the 20 yuan and 4 capsules that have been discussed by netizens in the past few days, and the "Spice Case Institute" has also been put on display this week, and the person in charge expects that the popularity will decrease, "always put it out for four weeks, and want to go out of the street", so it is estimated that the flow of people may not increase.


Stallholder: A lot of my chili oil friends continued

Starlight Night Market, which has been held on Friday and Saturday evenings for four weeks since 9 September, is entering its last week today with significantly fewer crowds than in the first week. In recent days, the 22 yuan 20 capsules that have attracted discussion among netizens have been sold, and the "Spice Case Institute" added gas fried and sold this week.

Terry, the person in charge, believes that the level of discussion has decreased, "There should be many people who are curious, but I am ready to be more prepared and keep a normal mind." He "always stayed for four weeks, and he wanted to go out on the street, and he was interested in it." He has always had markets in the past, and there are more different types of markets that are beneficial to them, and he wants to continue to set up markets in K11 in the future.

Although the price was controversial, many members of the public still supported it, saying, "The fact that my friends who have eaten my chili oil have continued to drink it has made me more confident to continue to do it."

Terry, the person in charge of the "Spice Case Institute", said that 100 pounds of roast were prepared for sale this week. (Photo by Xia Jialang)

Admission citizens: There are night markets in Mong Kok

Mr. Leung who was passing by learned that there was a "spice case" in the market and came to buy it, and in terms of the taste of burning, if he scored 10 out of 7, he would give 8 to <> points, "It's actually a good food." He also pointed out that few people will go to the night market specifically, thinking that citizens are passing by and entering to take a look, so the location of the night market is the most important, "There are night market people in Mong Kok."

Mr. Leung, who was passing by, learned that there was a "spice case" in the market and came to buy it, he pointed out that for the taste of burning, 10 to 7 points would be given out of 8. (Photo by Xia Jialang)

Ms. Liu, who works nearby, pointed out that today she deliberately went to the market to try the burning and sale of the "spice case". She believes that the price of the market is normal, coupled with the good weather today, the overall market atmosphere is good. However, she pointed out that if the number of stalls increases, it will have a more night market feeling.

Ms. Liu, who works nearby, pointed out that today she deliberately went to the market to try the burning and sale of the "spice case". (Photo by Xia Jialang)

The cooler weather for the main ingredient of the grocery stall will help attract the public market

Mr Cheung, who sells groceries, said that due to the impact of the typhoon, the flow of people is expected to decrease by 3% to 4% this week. He also pointed out that when the market was held in the first week of the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday, about 3% to 4% of customers were independent travelers, and it is estimated that the majority of local customers will be this week. However, he was satisfied with the overall business volume, which was more than half of his expectations.

He also mentioned that the weather has recently turned cooler, and he believes that attracting the public market, "I can't handle it myself."

Mr. Cheung, a grocery seller, said that the weather has recently turned cooler, which he believes has attracted the People's Market. (Photo by Xia Jialang)

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