In line with the Government's Night Fun Campaign, from now until 11 November, Octopus will launch the "Reward Toot Reward for Late Dinner" campaign, in which all members of the Reward Scheme can enjoy a 30% rebate on a single purchase of $9 or above at brick-and-mortar retail outlets from 2pm to 200am. Each member can receive up to 5 RMB, with a quota of 100,10. See the details and how to get it.

Eligible members can receive up to $100 rebate

Octopus announces that from now until 11 November, from 30am to 9am every night, Octopus will have the opportunity to earn 2% Octopus Value Rebate for every single purchase of $200 or more at all brick-and-mortar retail stores (including restaurants) that accept Octopus payment with Octopus payment. Each eligible member can receive a maximum of $5 rebate for 100,10 places, on a first-come, first-served basis.

▼Join the "Good Reward" Reward Program in 3 steps▼

Late rebate collection will be deemed as a waiver

As for the rebate, the Octopus Club will distribute the card to eligible members in batches from 12 December this year to 8 January next year on the Octopus App or any Octopus Service Point. If users enable the Receive Push Notifications function of the App and link to the Octopus number of "GoodReward Toot", they will be notified at that time.

In addition, no rebate will be awarded for any transaction and parking service for payment of fares, fees, surcharges or tickets for public transport, Octopus Online Payment Transactions, Octopus Plus transactions.

▼2022.06.14 Octopus announced that it is preparing to distribute more than 2 million yuan in gold rewards▼


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