Clothe cleaning hacks: You can also remove detergent stains from clothes from the dishshop.

How to clean detergent on cloth: Detergent powders that clean the dirt of clothes sometimes leave stains on the clothes themselves. In fact, detergent powders are often stuck in them while washing clothes. Which leave white stains on the clothes. In such a situation, we are going to tell you some easy ways here that you can easily clean them with clothes. So let's know without delay. If the bathroom bucket and mug are black, then clean it with this trick, it will look like new

How to remove detergent stains from clothes

1- Actually, detergent stains on clothes occur when you use less water and more detergent. In such a situation, the chances of getting detergent stains on clothes increase.

2- If you want to protect clothes from detergent stains, then do not overload the washing machine. Also, use washing powder according to clothes. You can remove the detergent stain by mixing vinegar in lukewarm water. This will easily remove stain marks. You can also use bath soap to clean them.

3- You can also remove detergent stains from clothes from the dishshop. All you have to do is soak the stained cloth in water for 5 minutes. Then rub it with the dish shop and clean it.

4- Apart from this, you soak the cloth by dissolving detergent in light hot water. The washing powder will dissolve well and will not stick to the clothes. So from now on, you can protect clothes from detergent stains by adopting these tips.

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