Typhoon Puppy hit, the observatory issued the No. 8 typhoon on Sunday (9th) evening, and then changed to the No. 8 typhoon, and the observatory announced it again early Monday morning (9th), and changed to No. 11 typhoon at 40:3 a.m. However, the Government announced on Sunday evening that all day schools (morning, afternoon and full-time schools), including secondary schools, primary schools, special schools, kindergartens and kindergartens-child care centres, would be closed for one day today.

▼October 10 The wind began to strengthen around noon in Xinghua Estate▼


You can learn about the suspension arrangements through the EDB's website, hotline, etc

The Secretary for Education, Ms Choi Ruolian, issued a reminder on Facebook tonight (8 December) that students and parents should remain vigilant for bad weather, and pointed out that when a tropical cyclone or sustained heavy rain affects Hong Kong, the authorities will announce the suspension of schools through radio and television, government press releases, EDB website, Education Bureau Enquiry Hotline (Tel: 2891 0088) and mobile app "Hong Kong Government Notifies You". Students and parents may also refer to the Education Bureau Notice for relevant class arrangements and preparations.

She said that the situation in some areas may be different from the situation in Hong Kong as a whole, and if the weather, roads, slopes or traffic conditions in the area are inadequate, parents can decide whether they should let their children go to school. She also reminded that the weather is changing rapidly, and students and parents should pay close attention to the latest weather conditions issued by the Hong Kong Observatory and whether the Education Bureau has announced the suspension of classes to ensure safety.

▼October 10 Haiyi Peninsula wind strengthened▼


The day after last month's heavy rains, the government announced the closure of classes at 6 a.m., drawing criticism. The Government announced that all day schools (morning, afternoon and full-time schools), including secondary schools, primary schools, special schools, kindergartens and kindergartens--child centres, would be closed for one day on Sunday as the Observatory announced that Typhoon No. 11 would remain at least until 8am on Monday.

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