The Civil Defense forces put out the fire, which broke out in a 70-year-old commercial market adjacent to the Sayeda Zeinab mosque, and resulted in millions of pounds in material losses, with minor human injuries from suffocation as a result of heavy fumes.

Authorities deployed fire trucks and civil defence to deal with the situation, as well as ambulances and local leaders moved to the scene of the fire.

The Sayeda Zeinab market fire comes 24 hours after the huge fire that caused charring in the Ismailia Security Directorate building in eastern Egypt, and caused dozens of injuries, and the Public Prosecution is investigating its causes.

The head of the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood Hisham Abu Makarem spoke about the fire, in statements to the site "Sky News Arabia", saying:

  • It broke out in a market that is more than 70 years old known as "Al-Meida", and is dedicated to clothes and household necessities.
  • The market consists of vendors scattered next to the mosque, and behind it are stalls displaying clothes and various goods, and a few shops in their well-known form.
  • The flames consumed most of the market due to the flammable nature of the goods, resulting in millions of losses, of course.
  • The Civil Defense Forces were able to control the fire, and there were only minor suffocations caused by fumes, and ambulances did not transport any injured people to the hospital.
  • The Sayyeda Zeinab Mosque was not damaged.
  • The prosecution is currently investigating the causes of the fire, and the criminal laboratory will determine its causes.
  • The decision to move the market or not is not mine, but there are other parties that determine it.