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Two eclipses will doom the local elections in Bulgaria with dirt and blows below the waist. Globally, there is an increase in hostilities, but also a chance for negotiations. These things come from astrologers. According to them, cosmic shadows bring changes and events to Earth both socially and personally. Their influence is already felt in advance with the protests that blocked Bulgaria.

The axis of finance

Mira Kuneva explained that the first eclipse of the month is sunny on October 14 (in the sign of Libra). The other is lunar (in Taurus) and is exactly the day before the vote - October 28. "Eclipses are the most unpredictable things in astrology because around and after they occur they trigger unpredictable and often fateful events. The lunar eclipse, for example, is the last in a series on the axis of finances Scorpio-Taurus, which has been going on for two years. It was she who triggered the COVID pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis, writes the Telegraph.

Now globally there will again be talk of changes in money, resources and news from the financial sphere in general. Specifically, this eclipse does not make precise aspects in the horoscope of Bulgaria, but since it is quite aggressive, it cannot pass us by. I suppose that until the last day before the elections there will be great tension, and there will be surprising results on the ground, "the astro-expert predicted.


In her words, the whole of October, which will pass under the sign of the election campaign, will be peppered with scandals and confrontation. The situation will escalate a lot because of the current position on Mars, associated with human energy and initiative, but also the impulse of war. "First, from the 5th to the 10th, the planet will be in a quadrature with Pluto. Then, on October 12, Mars enters Scorpio.

People will become even more tense, dissatisfied and aggressive (and Bulgarians are generally like that). There will be discredit. Next is the solar eclipse in Libra, which will also bring tension. In general, the campaign will go into a very negative atmosphere. Sick topics, unresolved for years, will be put on the table, but will also be deliberately fanned. People will be pitted against each other by instilling fear for their future. In this way, the public consciousness is manipulated and zombified," warns the astrologer.

The crisis will not deepen

Topastrologer warns of two extraordinary signs, foreshadows unprecedented disasters

He advises everyone to show common sense, and not to act only on the principle of denial and rejection. "The crisis will not get worse than that. Either way, these influences will pass. In a month and a half, Mars will emerge from the Scorpio kingdom. And the fears are in vain, because from 2024 the financial sector will stabilize, "Mira Kuneva reassures.

For the near future, she says that in the first ten days of October, representatives of the zodiac signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will have to be careful. And from October 12, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo will have greater challenges in their lives.