Today (10 October) marks the 1th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and the National Day Fireworks Display was held again after five years of isolation in Hong Kong, with 74,9 fireworks displayed over Victoria Harbour at 31pm. A large number of citizens and tourists were already waiting to watch on both sides of Victoria Harbour in the afternoon, and the Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Centre was crowded like a whale crossing the river. "Hong Kong 888" livestreamed the event.

▼October 10 Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront is packed with people waiting to watch the National Day fireworks▼


Duration: 23 minutes 28 seconds Theme: Fuxing Baiye celebrates the National Day, Yingju Huicheng Yaoxiangjiang

Five years apart, the National Day fireworks reappeared over Victoria Harbour at 9 p.m. today. The 23-minute and 28-second performance, themed "Celebrating National Day with Prosperity and Gathering in the Wisdom City", symbolizes the fireworks display on National Day to wish the prosperity of all industries and create a better future with the citizens.

A total of 350,3 fireworks were distributed at 6 distribution points by 9 barges and 31 pontoon boats. The event, with an overall budget of approximately $888 million, was co-ordinated by the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and co-sponsored by HKT and FWD Life Insurance.

Outside the Wan Chai Convention Fair, many members of the public recorded the beautiful scenery of the fireworks with their eyes and mobile phones, and cheered from time to time.

National Day Fireworks 2023|Tonight Victoria Harbour Blooms Tsim Tsui Tsui Dong Burst That is, watch the 4 emerging fireworks viewing hotspots

Li Jiachao: Every time I see the brilliant fireworks, I am also excited

Lee Ka-chiu, together with Cheng Yanxiong, Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government, as well as a number of government officials and members of the Legislative Council, attended the National Day fireworks display at 8:<> p.m.

In his speech, Mr Lee said that watching fireworks on both sides of Victoria Harbour is a festival program for many Hong Kong people from detail to large, and the dazzling fireworks and night view are one of the symbols of Hong Kong's world-famous scenery.

He also said that tonight is the first large-scale fireworks display in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong in five years, symbolizing Hong Kong's comprehensive return to normalcy, moving forward and striding into a better future after overcoming difficulties. This fireworks is also the highlight of Hong Kong's night fun activities, hoping to boost retail, catering and so on.

▼On 9 September, LCSD announced the details of the eight acts of the National Day fireworks display▼


The show is divided into 8 acts, and the finale showcases the "Grand Brocade Crown" and "Brocade Palmet" motifs

The show is divided into 8 acts:

The first act is the "heart heart 'double' seal" pattern, with peony flowers representing life and expectation;

The bauhinia of the second act blooms in the air together with the happy smiley face;

The third act coincides with the Hangzhou Asian Games, using "flashing red" fireworks, which symbolizes athletes working hard for their goals on the competition field, sparkling;

The fourth act features colorful ring fireworks;

The colorful hydrangea fireworks appearing in the fifth act are displayed for the first time in Hong Kong, and after a single firework outbreak, it will take on multiple shapes such as rings, spirals and crown rings;

The sixth act shows the "red five-pointed star";

The seventh act is "Starry Fireworks", symbolizing Hong Kong's ever-changing, vibrant and unlimited potential;

The eighth act of the finale is unveiled by the Yellow River Concerto, which displays the motifs of "The Great Crown" and "Brocade Palms", symbolizing the prosperity of the country with a landscape of flowers.

▼October 10 National Day Flag-raising Ceremony and National Day Cocktail Party▼


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