When Twinkle Khanna reached the set to beat Priyanka Chopra

New Delhi:

As much as Akshay Kumar's films and his acting are in the headlines, he keeps making headlines because of his relationships. Before marrying Twinkle Khanna, Akshay Kumar's affair has been discussed with many actresses. From Raveena Tandon to Shilpa Shetty, the affair of Akshay Kumar was discussed. He was in a very serious relationship with Raveena Tandon. According to reports, both of them were engaged, but their relationship broke and then Akshay and Twinkle came together. But even after marriage to Twinkle Khanna, Akshay Kumar's closeness grew with an actress, whose name is Priyanka Chopra. Yes, due to the growing closeness with Priyanka, Twinkle once became so angry that she reached the set to teach Priyanka a lesson.

Akshay and Priyanka appeared together in these films

Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra first appeared together in the 2003 film 'Andaz'. A year later, in 2004, both of them appeared together in the film 'Atraj'. There were also many intimate scenes of Priyanka and Akshay in this film. After the film, news of the closeness of the two started coming, so apparently Akshay's wife Twinkle did not like it.

Akshay did not work with Priyanka

In 2005, Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra appeared together again in the film 'Waqt', but this was their last film together, after which Akshay never worked with Priyanka. Actually, during this film, Twinkle got into a fight with Akshay due to the growing closeness between Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra. Once Twinkle called Priyanka Chopra and then there was a lot of debate between the two. Twinkle did not agree to this and one day reached the set to teach Priyanka a lesson. Although Priyanka was not there at that time, she faced Akshay Kumar and the two had a lot of fights. After that, Akshay announced that he will never do a film with Priyanka.