The Oscar-winning film Kantara was released a year ago.

Special things

  • Kantara was released on 30 September 2022.
  • Kantara's prequel will come
  • Rishabh Shetty's Kantara completes one year
New Delhi:

These days, the south film is being seen at the box office. But it started with a low budget film in the year 2022, which had a collection of 400 crores. I don't know... We are talking about Hombale Films' Kantara, released in the year 2022, which presented examples of its success that have never been seen before. This film, which brought a story from the heart of India, made India proud at the global level and impressed everyone. Rishabh Shetty, who was the writer, actor and director of the film, also received critical acclaim from the world's great personalities and honorees.

Today is a very special day in Kantara's journey as the film has completed 1 year of its release and the makers have expressed their gratitude on this occasion. On the occasion of Kantara completing 1 year, Hombale Films shared a catchy poster of Rishabh Shetty on their social media. "Celebrating one year of Divya Blockbuster - #Kantara a very special film that we will always remember. Our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible audience who turned this into an epic blockbuster. Thanks for the memorable year. Happiness continues to resonate across the country and we are excited to continue this epic journey together! #1YearOfDivineBlockbusterKantara #1YearOfKantara."

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Hombale Films' global blockbuster Kantara was not only a box office success, but it also won two Oscars and is ranked the highest in the IMDb list. Made in a budget of 16 crores, Kantara earned more than 400 crores at the box office. At the same time, there was a lot of love from the audience. Let me tell you, Rishabh is currently working on the next part of his global blockbuster Kantara, which will be a prequel. Also, Hombale Films is working on the story at the moment and it's really difficult for us to wait to see how Rishabh will entertain with another engaging and interesting storyline.