Video of bride and groom's wedding goes viral

New Delhi:

Wedding is the most special day for everyone. Especially girls prepare for their bridal entry months in advance. From wedding couples to jewelry and makeup, the desire to perfect everything on this day remains inside every girl. In such a situation, if anyone tries to spoil this special moment of the bride, then it is natural for him to get angry. Even if he is the groom. Something similar is happening in this video going viral on social media, in which the bride is seen ignoring the groom during her entry.

In this video shared on Instagram, it can be seen that the bride is slowly entering the entire film style with her brothers adorned from top to bottom in a beautiful red pair, when the super excited groom reaches there and grabs her hand and pulls her, but the bride's focus is only on her entry. When the bride does not run away, the groom kisses her on the cheeks and then asks her to walk with him. But the bride does not want any obstacles in her special moment and asks the groom to go in gestures.

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After being shared on social media, this video has received more than 62 thousand likes and people are making funny comments. Someone is calling the groom extra excited and someone is calling the bride rude. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, "She is so focused on her perfect entry that she insulted her, she (bride) should have increased her (groom's) excitement with the same energy." Another wrote, "Run away son. The third wrote, "The girl lost a beautiful moment.