On the second day (30th) of the Mainland's November Golden Week, at the Heung Yuen Wai Port this morning, many Mainland tour groups were killed, different from the previous shopping consumption, some tour groups mainly focused on hiking and camping, and the MacLehose Trail in Sai Kung seems to be a popular choice. In addition, some Shanghai tourists are planning to visit Water Park and Disneyland, and are also interested in visiting Hong Kong Night Market and art exhibitions.


At least 19 groups of passengers board the bus in half an hour, and the square shuttle bus picks up passengers for free

At about 10:19 this morning, many mainland tour groups arrived at Heung Yuen Wai Port and boarded tourist buses in an endless stream to leave. Within half an hour, at least 30 groups of tour guests from different travel agencies were visually inspected, ranging from about 90 to <> people. In addition, several officers held signs to promote the <>th Golden Week limited to free shuttle bus between Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Port and Sheung Shui Plaza, with the promotion period from today to tomorrow.

Post-00 post-90s hiking camping group trip to Saigon It is not recommended to focus on consumption and social play

Some tour groups wear large hiking backpacks, mainly hiking and camping activities. Mr. Lau, a tour leader from Guangzhou who led 34 members to the MacLehose Trail in Saigon, said that the MacLehose Trail is a world-renowned trekking trail that "can be walked for 100 kilometers" and that he is expected to stay in Hong Kong for two days.

He introduced the name of the travel agency "Walking 20 years old" and explained: "It is a kind of attention to young people, just like our group today is all young, like some of our "post-00s, post-90s" these young people come out to play, everyone is light outdoors and heavy social, everyone is out to make some friends." Most of the group members are from Guangdong Province, as well as Shaanxi, Shanghai and other provinces. He said that although there is no requirement to be 20 years old, he emphasized: "We are 20 years old in spirit." He also pointed out that the travel agency was established in 2018 and its directors are entrepreneurial organizations for university students.

In addition to hiking and camping, Mr. Lau said that the itinerary will not include or advocate shopping and consumption, "In fact, everyone comes out to play, and they want to have fun." We organize things like frisbees, bonfires, music parties and so on." He pointed out that travel agencies have trekking locations all over China and even overseas, such as Indonesia and the Philippines, and pointed out that "if we are in Hong Kong, we will come often"

Guangdong Kehang MacLehose Trail 10 km The tour fee is several hundred yuan per person

Ms. Cheung from Guangdong joined another trekking camping group, saying that "because the mountains in Guangdong have climbed seven seven eight eight", so she came to Hong Kong to explore, mainly hiking about 10 kilometers on the MacLehose Trail, and staying in a tent. She said that she brought her children with her and the tour cost about several hundred yuan per person. When asked if she would visit the mall, she said that depending on the end of tomorrow, if her physical strength and spirit do not allow, she will leave directly.

Ms. Mao from Shanghai said that she was planning to visit the water park and Disneyland with the group, and expected to stay in Hong Kong for two days, and expressed her interest in Hong Kong night markets, especially art exhibitions and food. (Photo by Hong Zhijing)

An amusement park of six in Shanghai Interested in the night market art exhibition food

Ms. Mao from Shanghai said that she was planning to visit the water park and Disneyland with the group, and expected to stay in Hong Kong for two days, and expressed her interest in Hong Kong's night market, especially in art exhibitions and food, "Delicious, the most important thing is delicious." Ms. Mao pointed out that the family of six all participated in the tour group, and the tour fee was more than 1,000 yuan per person, including a two-day trip to Hong Kong and two days of Macau, which said that the price was not expensive.

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