Opening the bird cage, the spirit bird jumped out, slowly picked up one of the many signatures, and then the master unsigned it for the guests. It is said that this kind of spirit sparrow divination has a history of thousands of years, and there were several stalls of "Lingxiang Street" in Temple Street in the old days, but today, only Master Lin's spirit sparrow divination is left in Temple Street.

Master Lin has been fortune tellers for more than twenty years, seeing all kinds of formal people, encountering some frustrated people, occupying the trigrams that are not good, he helped the other party to look at the birthday eight characters again, and tried to use what he learned and life experience to explain the other party, "Life is full of hope, you have no hope of doing it, really wait for the clock, tie the mi?" So I'm going to do it."

Everyone says that Temple Street is declining, and Master Lin agrees, but in his eyes, Temple Street is still a night market with potential. When Hong Kong is promoting the night economy, he also used Lingque as a part of Hong Kong's night economy, and Master Lin believes that the signing point is that this year may not be a good time to promote the night economy, or that it will not be a good time to develop better until next year.

【Hong Kong Night Color. Temple Street Story Series No. 2]

Temple Street at night? The big sister of the song file has been working for ten years without rest, and the song has frequently closed the file early because of complaints, and it is difficult to survive

In the old days, there were several Lingfinch divination stalls in the "Eye Street" in Temple Street, and today, only Master Lin's Lingque divination is left on Temple Street. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

There is a "Eye Street" on Temple Street, and in its heyday, there were four or five levels of spirit sparrow divination

There is a "Eye Street" on Temple Street, with more than a dozen divination files. Master Lin, who is in his 60s this year, has been taking over the stall from his master for more than twenty years. He said that in the heyday of Temple Street, there were four or five levels of spirit sparrow divination, but as the teachers retired and passed away, slowly only his level of spirit sparrow divination remained.

Each sparrow will be "retired" in four years

The rectangular finch cage placed on the table is divided into four spaces, each with a gate, and each grid has a spirit finch, because they are all white, Master Lin told them to be white one white, two white three white four. Each sparrow is generally "retired" in four years, and one of the four sparrows is always a teacher.

It is said that the divination of spirit finches has a history of thousands of years. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Picking the spirit sparrow, all by vision, but Master Lin also admitted that sometimes "leaked eyes", some finches are less savvy, and dare not jump out of the cage, when they find that there are finches that do not know and cannot learn, they can only find another finch to raise it in the same way as they treat retired spirit finches, "Well, it will be like people who abandon them, because to do what I do, the most important thing is to rely on my own conscience." He helps you 㗎 well, by getting you hungry melon (starving to death), hmm. You can't be a person, there is a principle."

In the year of taking over the opening of the stall, Temple Street was crowded Master Lin lamented that now the people were scattered

Master Lin said that before Master retired, he also set up stalls on Temple Street for twenty or thirty years, and in the past, Master opened stalls like street stalls, and there were many people around to watch divination, "When my master was in his heyday, he was full of people who came forward, and (people) piled up layer by layer." By the time he took over, he was no longer a street stall but a tent, and the streets that used to be crowded with people had become deserted, and the weekend was full of water.

In the past twenty years on Temple Street, Master Lin pointed out that this is a night market with potential, from bustle to decline, "It's a pity, but unfortunately there is nothing to do."

Night markets with potential have gone from bustle to decline, but unfortunately there is no way

He added that in the past, the multi-storey parking lot of Yau Ma Tei next to Ji Xiang Street was not demolished, because the fees were cheap, and many people would drive to Temple Street to wander around after dinner, but after the parking lot was cleared, "there was no foothold, the cars did not know the marginality, and the people did not know the degree of aggregation." The epidemic has also affected people's consumption patterns, and there is no crowd on the street at 8 or 9 pm, coupled with the boom of consumption in the north, Temple Street is becoming more and more deserted.

Those who come to find Master Lin are familiar customers who have a long relationship, and there are also new customers who come by word of mouth and admiration. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

There are long-term acquaintances and new customers

But a small flow of people does not mean that no one comes to divination. As long as it is not the No. 11 typhoon, I am afraid that the tent will blow away, or there will be a heavy rain, Master Lin will open the gear. He used to send money to guests, twenty or thirty chips will also send light many times, there are long-term acquaintances, there are new customers who come by word of mouth, admiration, and sometimes because of the large number of people and guests, he has to divinate until the early hours of the morning, but as he gets older, Master Lin said that he doesn't want to do too night, and now he will cut the dragon before <> o'clock every night.

On this night, Master Lin had just opened his stall, and two girls in their twenties walked through Jixiang Street, passing by his stall, wanting to try some "traditional tea". Elle said that it was the first time to look at the palm and felt that what Master Lin said was quite enlightening, and he had received guidance from it, and he might come to Master Lin again in the future. Cheron, who accompanied Elle, said that from the perspective of a bystander, he felt that Master Lin was "a few accurate": "I think I need to listen to the advice." Later, she also tried divination and smiled when she left the stall and got good advice.

Two girls in their twenties walked by, passing Master Lin's stall, looking for him to look at his palms and try Lingque divination. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

In the past twenty years, I have seen all the sentient beings There are guests clamoring to change a good trigram Master Lin: Shanggua must be the best

Master Lin has been divining fortunes for more than twenty years, seeing all kinds of people, some people come to divination, it is not good to take up a trigram, and they clamored to change it, "Usually I must be against it, life must be good if there is no reason, if you don't believe, you don't want to ask, you believe in trigrams, you avoid taboos." Well, the department must be the best, life will have high and low luck, maybe this year is good, next year is good, department?"

Both divination and "psychological counseling" for the frustrated Master Lin: Life is full of hope

Divination can't win or lose, but Master Lin also mentioned that sometimes when he encounters some frustrated and lonely people, the trigram taken out is not good, so he helps the other party to look at the birthday eight characters again, "There are people who really go to the end, the real department seems to want to jump off the building, you see the situation of them, you have to comfort them." With my experience: "Oh, look at your figure, look at your life, you should be much better in two years, and you may turn over." I believe you."

In addition to divination, depending on the situation, to enlighten the needy and give some "psychological counseling", Master Lin tries his best to make use of what he has learned and life experience to preserve hope for them, "Life is full of hope, you have no hope of doing it, really wait for the clock, tie Mi?" So I'm going to do it."

Master Lin also mentioned that sometimes when he encounters some frustrated and lonely people, he will help the other party to look at the birthday eight characters, try to make use of what he has learned and life experience, and keep hope for them. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

It is very common for people to come to divination to ask about career, love, and fortune, but in addition to these questions in recent years, Master Lin pointed out that many people have come to ask immigrants, "That is, 'Is immigration good?'" How about going to the UK? How about going to Taiwan?" If you ask, you will have an answer, or you will believe in it, or you will see your life is suitable."

Using divination numerology as a solution to people's confusion, but some questions, Master Lin indicated that he did not answer, he said, for example, some people will come to ask him whether he thinks such and such an official is doing well, he frankly said that such problems are difficult to deal with, "I become a day, Cao Cao has confidants, Guan Gong has opponents, or they are good to you, not necessarily good to another person, that is, you feel the problem, I want to watch you."

After SARS was invited to attend the dinner, Tang Yingnian asked Hong Kong's economy to sign a visa

Referring to his profound experience in divination, Master Lam mentioned that after SARS in 2003, when Tang Yingnian became the Financial Secretary, he was invited to a dinner party to divinate for Tang Yingnian and predict Hong Kong's economic development. He was very impressed, and at that time, he drew the number one lot, which was the best of all the signatures, "Sometimes it is strange, the draw is really a trigram, and the best trigram is drawn." I have to talk, I have a good start in Hong Kong."

Lingque took out the number seven sign: Wusong Fights Tiger. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Lingque Draws "Wusong Fights Tiger" for Hong Kong's Night Economy Next year will be even better

Hong Kong's economy has deteriorated greatly in recent years, the Hong Kong government intends to promote the night economy, and Master Lin also uses the spirit sparrow divination to predict the future development of the night economy. Lingque took out the number seven signature: Wusong fights the tiger, and the signature reads: "The moon mirror in the water is like a flower, the foreground is false and prosperous, but seeing the dragon and snake meet, the reputation of the four seas is definitely boastful, there are no plans, not necessarily fulfilled, there are joys and not true joys, no worries but worries".

Master Lin pointed out that according to the signing, this year may not be a good time to promote the night economy, the government has put forward ideas, but the actual plan is unknown, some people support it now, some people are worried, or it will be until next year, when there are better supporting facilities, the night economy will have a better development.

The moon mirror in the water is like a flower eye, the foreground is fake and prosperous, but seeing the dragon and snake meeting and the four seas, the reputation can definitely be boasted, there are arrangements, and there may not be joy in the heart, but there is no worry, but there is worry, and Wusong fights the tiger to sign the text

Lingque took out the number seven sign: Wusong fights the tiger. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

There is no intention to accept disciples, even if the spirit sparrow divination is lost: Jiangshan has its own talents

Ask for fortune, may be a kind of peace of mind, coincidence suppresses the will of God, believe it or not. People often come to ask about the future, Master Lin has plans for his future, he is in his 60s this year, he plans to be 70 years old, if his body can, he will do it a little longer, but he has no intention of accepting apprentices, does this mean that Temple Street will lose the last stage of Lingque divination, he laughed and said: "Jiangshan has its own talents, like a gel, the line represents nothing (other divination), or Zhong may have a master, I don't know."

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