Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be seen in this picture

Optical illusions play with our eyes and minds and give us a sense of things that are far from reality. Whether it's a cat that has fully blended into its surroundings or a picture taken at the right time that creates visual illusions, photos and videos of optical illusions never stop to amaze. Now a picture of two turtles is becoming increasingly viral on social media. But you may ask why? It has been claimed in the picture that cricket legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni is seen in it, but, only when you look at that picture with great attention.

"Close your eyes half-closed and you can see the long-haired MS Dhoni in this picture," reads the caption with the optical illusion shared on X. These are painted in the background of trees. According to the caption, when someone closes his eyes half, he can see MS Dhoni in this picture.

Half-close your eyes, and you can see long-haired MS Dhoni in this pic. 🙂

— Priyanka (@Priyank_hahaha) September 24, 2023

The optical illusion was shared on X on September 24. Since then, it has been viewed by more than 23,000 people. The picture has also received a lot of likes. Many people also retweeted the optical illusion picture and shared their thoughts in the comments.

One user posted, "Yes, some of us know how to use AI." To this, the original poster replied, "Nothing is impossible for MSD fans." "That's cool." "Wow amazing," commented the sixth.

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