The Hong Kong and Macao police launched a joint operation on the JPEX case and arrested four more people from Tuesday to Thursday (26-28), two of whom were arrested in Macau. When the Hong Kong police held a press conference yesterday, they said that Hong Kong would actively discuss with Macao law enforcement agencies and would learn about the judgments of the Macao courts, such as sentencing the two to temporary detention, and the Hong Kong police may have to wait for further consultations; However, if Macao decides to expel the two Hong Kong people from Macau, the Hong Kong police will arrest them immediately after they return to Hong Kong. According to the news, two Hong Kong people arrested in Macao will be escorted by the Macao Judicial Police at about 4 pm this evening (2th), return to Hong Kong by boat to return to Hong Kong and Macao Ferry Terminal, and hand them over to the Hong Kong Police Crime Department for arrest and return to the Police Station for investigation.

The two men arrested in Macau, surnamed Ho, 29 years old, reported to be bureaux de change clerks and Hong Kong residents; and surnamed Lu, 29 years old, reported as a network engineer, a Hong Kong resident. The Macao Judicial Police seized $600 million in casino chips, expensive watches and $7,870 in cash from Lo Nam, while the Hong Kong Police also seized cash, gold bars and expensive watches worth about $50.300 million from his residence in Hong Kong. The Judicial Police also seized $<>,<> in casino chips from Ho Nan and subsequently froze $<> million in deposits in his entertainment venue account. The two refused to cooperate and refused to account for the source of funding. The Macau Judicial Police said that it believed that the two were key members of JPEX's crime and would transfer money through the Macau gambling hall account to launder the proceeds of the fraud syndicate. They are involved in crimes including criminal syndicates, money laundering and computer fraud.

As for the handling of the funds seized in Macao, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) Chung Wing-man said yesterday that it depends on the development of the case, saying that the Hong Kong and Macao police have always had a good cooperative relationship and this aspect needs to be further discussed.

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