Olena Zelenska held an online meeting with her German counterpart Elke Büdenbender.

She thanked the First Lady of Germany for participating in the third Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen, which took place in Kyiv in September. They discussed the results of the Summit.

Elke Büdenbender / Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram

"As you know, the central theme of the Summit was mental health. We chose this topic because we understand the special importance of the mental state for every person on Earth, regardless of the country in which they live. After all, wars, crises, natural disasters, epidemics affect each of us, our ability to live and act," Zelenska said.

Olena Zelenska / Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram

"The traumatic experience of war can have a long-term impact on the mental health of Ukrainians, and even those who have traveled to other countries, including Germany," Budenbender added.

By the way, Germany is Ukraine's largest partner in evacuating Ukrainians affected by aggression abroad. More than 900 Ukrainians have already been forced to move here, including more than 600 seriously wounded soldiers.

Olena Zelenska / Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram

During the video call, Zelenska appeared in a mocha jacket without a collar and lapels and a matching shirt.

The First Lady did neat styling and makeup in delicate shades. She had gold earrings in her ears.

Olena Zelenska / Photo: Olena Zelenska's Instagram

We will remind you that in our article we considered the images of Olena Zelenska from Ukrainian brands during her visit to the United States of America.