Stepping into the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Golden Week, the Immigration Department is expected to see a peak flow of people. According to figures from the Immigration Department today (30th), as of 4 p.m., there had been 59,7 arrivals and exits, 39,26 people had been recorded, with at least 9,20 visitors mainly from the north, and <>,<> arrivals.

Xiaohongshu has users uploading photos, and the Liantang Xiangyuan Wai Port is flowing endlessly from north to south. (Little Red Book photo)

【16:00】As of 4 p.m., a total of 597,081 people have entered and exited, and 39,26 have been recorded as exits, including at least 9,8 trips north by land, 1,6 in Luohu among the three major passes, 7,4 in Lok Ma Chau Branch Line, and 5,6 in Shenzhen Bay. In addition, nearly 2,4 people departed via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and <>,<> departed via the airport.

Arrivals recorded 20,7, with the largest number of arrivals via the high-speed rail at 3,6 and the Lok Wu and Lok Ma Chau branch lines each with 3,5.

▼Hong Kong people go north to consume▼


【10:00】According to the figures of the Immigration Department, as of 10am today, the number of local departures recorded 134,636, of which 8,8 were recorded at the Northbound Control Point by land, with the Lo Wu Port having the largest number of departures (27,591), followed by Lok Ma Chau Branch Line with 17,725, Shenzhen Bay with 16,092 and Kowloon West High Speed Rail Station with 13,612.

As for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to Macao, there were 19,307 passengers and 5,150 passengers from the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, with a total of 2,4 passengers crossing the sea. At Hong Kong Airport, 2,<> departures were made.

As for arrivals, 10,60 arrivals as at 747 a.m., mainly via the Lok Ma Chau Spur Route, followed by Lo Wu with 1,1 and Shenzhen Bay with 1,7513.

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