Starting at 3 p.m., the Jiannong Mid-Autumn Night Market on the seafront of Xihuan has about 70 stalls, including 14 cooked food stalls, selling 40 pieces of takoyaki for 6 yuan, Yuziyaki for 40 yuan, beef skewers for 20 mosquitoes, etc., and the rest mainly sell dry goods and handicrafts, and there are also music performances on site to help celebrate.


At about 7 p.m., the crowds began to increase, and many members of the public brought children and pets to join in the scene. Some citizens pointed out that there are many types of goods sold at the stalls, and the flow of people has increased a lot compared with usual, and the overall atmosphere is good. Some members of the public also pointed out that they support Hong Kong's regular night markets, hoping to sell more street food and make prices more "close to the ground".

Some citizens hope to taste "four grains of twenty mosquitoes" and sell them

Earlier, the burning and sale of "Twenty Mosquito Four Pills" at Starlight Night Market in Tsim Sha Tsui caused heated discussions, but as I saw tonight, there was no queue outside the stalls. Mr. Lam, a citizen, pointed out that he hopes to have a taste of the hot burning on the Internet, "I am interested in trying it out if you talk about chili sauce and a special feature."

Asked whether the pricing was acceptable, Mr Lam joked that "department stores should be crowded", saying that if the food is of high quality, it is reasonable to set a slightly higher price. He also pointed out that tonight is the first time to visit the night market, praising the lively atmosphere, thinking that this night market is in line with expectations, "there are live bands, and there are many unique products."


Some citizens specially came to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Miss Liu and Miss Situ came to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Miss Liu thought that the atmosphere was excellent: "Seeing the beautiful decoration, it is mainly because Teden wants to feel the atmosphere."

Ms Szeto added that she supports Hong Kong's regular holding of night markets: "I think you can eat and take a walk, so that everyone can relax." She hopes to sell more street food and prices that are more "close to the ground".

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