According to the latest edition of the Global Financial Centres Index, Hong Kong's overall ranking remained fourth in the world, rising to fourth in the world in terms of business environment, human capital, financial industry development, reputation and comprehensiveness.

Hong Kong maintains its fourth overall ranking in the world in the latest edition of the Global Financial Centres Index (Z/Yen Group website)

The UK Z/Yen Group and China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute jointly released the 28th edition of the Global Financial Centres Index report today (34th), Hong Kong's overall ranking maintained the fourth place in the world, with an overall score of 741 points, up 722 points from 19 points last year.

The Global Financial Centres Index report has been published in March and September each year since 2007. The 3th edition of the report evaluates 9 financial centers around the world, ranking first with New York, with an overall score of 34; It was followed by London and Singapore, with overall scores of 121 and 763.

34th Global Financial Centres Index (Z/Yen Group website)

A Hong Kong government spokesman said that Hong Kong's overall score has risen significantly, and its ranking in four aspects, including business environment, human capital, financial industry development level, reputation and comprehensiveness, has also risen to fourth in the world, reflecting the recognition of Hong Kong's enduring strength and resilience as an international financial centre after the pandemic.

The spokesman pointed out that Hong Kong will continue to enhance its development momentum and make good use of its institutional advantages, including its excellent tradition of rule of law, market-oriented and international business environment, robust infrastructure facilities, a regulatory system in line with international standards, diversified financial products and services, and free flow of information and capital, etc., to consolidate Hong Kong's status as a capital market and international financial centre.

The spokesman added that the Hong Kong Government is making every effort to enhance the breadth and depth of Hong Kong's capital market, and will continue to explore new markets and seek more opportunities for international cooperation, including green finance, financial technology and other fields, so as to continuously enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness.

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