Naseeruddin Shah did not talk to his father

New Delhi:

Young man's "Be a man, man! In the upcoming episode of "With Nikhil Taneja", Naseeruddin Shah talks about his journey. During the interesting conversation, he mentioned the challenges he faced in the early stages of his career in the entertainment industry. However, in it, he said, "There was a time when I was completely amazed by masculinity. But this blatant misogynistic attitude, hatred of women, an attitude that women don't deserve – how long will this go on?"

Actor Naseeruddin Shah said, "Masculinity was given a lot of importance in our family." Naseeruddin Shah highlighted the complicated relationship with his father and how their interactions have shaped his perception of masculinity over the years. "I never touched my father, I never wanted to be like my father. I always thought, why can't I be like my mother?"

One of the cutest parts of the episode is when the show's host Nikhil Taneja inquires about Naseeruddin Shah's permanent and harmonious marriage to Ratna Pathak Shah, who is equally vocal and successful. "Our marriage flourished because we never imposed certain expectations on each other. Gender roles have never been a stone in our relationship. I told him from the beginning that I can't do this. Cooking, but I could do dishes and cleaning. Slowly, we discovered each other, and it was a constant revelation. The basis of our union was our unbreakable friendship, where roles remained undefined, and we remained firm friends."

Naseeruddin Shah has worked in films like A Wednesday, Mohra, Masoom, The Dirty Picture and Miracle.