Set in Khartoum just before South Sudan's independence from the north, a former singer tries to cleanse himself of the murder of a southern man by hosting his widow in her home and hiring her as a maid to help her.

The National Committee for the Selection of the Oscar-nominated Sudanese Film said in a statement on its Facebook page, "More than half of the members of the committee met to accept nominations and select the Sudanese film, despite the bloody circumstances that the country has been going through since April 15."

"The committee considered that the outbreak of war should not stand in the way of male and female artists, especially male and female filmmakers, to exercise their rights to work and creativity, represent the name of Sudan in international forums, and contribute effectively to reflecting a different image of war and destruction," she added.

Earlier this month, the committee, formed since 2020 by a decision of the Ministry of Culture, announced that it had succeeded in "reuniting 10 of its members to start their work and start considering films that meet the conditions for candidacy."

The U.S. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announces the preliminary list of films accepted for the Best International Film Oscar in December, while it tops the shortlist in January.

The Oscar announcement and distribution ceremony will be held on the tenth of March 2024 in Los Angeles, USA.