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There is no provision for the introduction of merrki after the growth of coronavirus cases in recent days, said Health Minister Hristo Hinkov. Hristo Hinkov was born on March 25, 1953 in Sofia. On June 6, 2023, he was elected Minister in a statement to the Council of Ministers.

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Omicron - the novel coronavirus variant 1195

The epidemiological situation in the country has been studied and no morbidity levels have been reached that require specific actions. However, all RHIs are required to be ready and, if the cases increase, to take action.


This variant of covid is much less virulent and does not give the complications than before, "said Minister Hinkov.

Ass. Angel Kunchev: The peak of COVID will be October-November

There are no problems with the supply of flu vaccines at the national level. With a greater increase in covid cases, the state is ready to purchase additional vaccines.

The Minister also commented on the decision to stop the construction of a proton center for the treatment of cancer patients. The project was envisaged as part of the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, but earlier today Finance Minister Assen Vassilev announced that it was dropped. Hinkov accepts some of his colleague's arguments, but will insist that the center be built with funds from the state budget.

"I have very serious arguments regarding the construction of such a center, since the medical needs for children with cancer are particularly serious. I will propose to build such a center with budget funds beyond those under the HEU. I have the impression that there are reserve opportunities next year to find these funds," Hinkov said.

Omicron - the new coronavirus variant

Hristo Hinkov