1. The animal greets you when you get home.

2. Frequent eye contact with slow blinking. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as "cat kissing," so you too can slowly blink back.

3. Rubs its muzzle and body against your face, shoulders, arms, legs, leaving its scent.

4. Licks you and lets you take care of yourself. Grooming strengthens the trust and bond between humans and animals.

5. Purr. But it should be distinguished between purring when the animal is nervous. Pay attention to your body's signals.

6. When the animal lies on its back, lets it stroke its belly, it demonstrates complete comfort and a sense of security.

7. Sleeps next to you, likes to rest on your lap. When you're doing something, the animal is mostly there, too.

8. Massage with paws, or "milk step", is formed in childhood. Therefore, when cats begin to give such a massage to a person or other animal, this is a clear sign of comfort.

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