The rainstorm of the century exposed the mansion on Pak Bi Shan Road on Tai Tam on Hong Kong Island, and many independent houses on the Hongshan Peninsula were overlorded and illegally built, and Chief Executive Lee Ka-chiu indicated that he would inspect the entire Red Mountain Peninsula. "Hong Kong 01" found that four detached houses involved in unauthorized construction on the Hongshan Peninsula have been deeded and demolished orders have been received. The four mansions have a number of unauthorized constructions, including houses 70 and 72 that are covered by mud, and the internal main wall of the house has been demolished, which is more than three times the size of the main wall demolished by the Sunrise Kangcheng unit.
Ni Xueren, a registered structural engineer, said that the demolition of the main wall may lead to the instability of the structural framework of the overall detached house, and the construction of a large number of unauthorized buildings will increase the load borne by the building, which can seriously cause cracks in structural deformation, or cause foundation settlement and building damage.

Four detached houses have been ordered for demolition

Landslides occurred on the adjacent hillside at No. 70, No. 72 and No. 74 on the hillside during the Black Rainstorm Warning on 9 September, revealing that 8% of the estate's seaside detached houses were illegally built and 22% occupied official land. The Lands Department and the Buildings Department are carrying out joint action on the whole housing estate, and the Buildings Department issued demolition orders last Friday (70 December) against houses No. 72, 74, 76 and 01, which were seriously unbuilt. Hong Kong 70 found that the demolition order revealed that both houses No. 72 and No. <> had demolished the main internal walls of the houses.

After demolishing the wall of house No. 70, the hillside was excavated in the same place and the building was added

House No. 70 is held by Cyberport's Chief Investment Officer Chan Kyaw-chung, and the demolition order issued by the Buildings Department sets out seven offences. Part of the main wall next to the master house on the first floor of the house was demolished, and after the wall was removed, a non-excavated area on the hillside was excavated in situ, and a tyrant structure was erected. The main wall demolished was more than 2.2 meters wide, about 2.8 meters high and 0.2 meters thick.

In May this year, the main wall of the capital unit of Sunrise Cannes was unveiled, which was 5.0 meters wide, 72.2 meters high and 15.0 meters thick. In other words, the main wall demolished in the detached houses on the Hongshan Peninsula is more than three times that of the Cannes flats.

▼On 9 September, the Buildings Department and the Lands Department re-entered the Hung Shan Peninsula for investigation▼


Building 70 had an additional building under the first floor to serve as a platform and staircase to the pool, and illegally altered the originally approved swimming pool.

The first and second floors of Building 70 are opposite each other, and a two-storey building is erected, which according to the aerial plan, the total area of the two-storey building is about 1200 feet. On the left and right sides of the detached house, three-storey buildings were added, and the entrance to the third floor was also built. According to the contents of the demolition order, after the construction of house No. 70, the appearance is far from the original appearance.

In addition, house 70 is also used as a garden, which has collapsed in a landslide.

▼Demolition orders for houses 70, 72, 74 and 76 on the Red Hill Peninsula▼

House 72 10 offences

The adjacent house No. 72 had a total of 10 violations, and also demolished part of the main wall in the master house on the first floor, and after the demolition of the wall, a non-excavated area on the hillside was excavated in place to erect a tyrant structure. The demolished main wall is 2 metres wide, about 2.8 metres high and 0.2 metres thick, more than three times the size of the Cannes flat.

The master bedroom extends to the outside garden, with a built-in building with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and a covered arrangement in the garden. An entire basement floor was hollowed out under the master room, part of the retaining wall was removed, and the basement building extended beyond the garden and the swimming pool was built hegemonically. After the landslides pour, the foundation of the pool is exposed.

Outside the second bedroom of house No. 72, a covered and windowed building was added, relying on the side of the hillside, a building spanning the second and third floors, and the third floor façade was also trespassed; There are also unauthorized buildings at the entrance to the fourth floor.

House 72 is owned by Anthoy Steins, a former executive of private equity firm Blackstone.

▼9 September Buildings Department and Lands Department went to Hung Shan Peninsula to investigate▼


Solar panels and swimming pools are all unauthorized constructions

As for Housing No. 74, which the owner had refused to inspect by the Buildings Department, there were nine offences. Detached houses were built one floor above and below the original garden, and the basement structures protruded beyond the boundaries of the lot, i.e. occupied official land, and part of the retaining walls of the detached houses were removed. On top of the arrogant building in the garden, there is also another arrogant building.

The patio and terrace on the second floor of House 74 have a separate building, and a hillside building spans the second and third floors. At the entrance of the fourth floor of the detached house, there is a building and the roof is covered by solar panels, and the demolition order also refers to the unauthorized building.

House 74 is owned by Future Ocean Limited and is a director of The Community Chest Public Relations Committee member Yuen Wai-ming, whose husband, Chan Tin-chee, a wealthy businessman, joined as a director on 9 September.

The adjacent house 76 had eight violations, including the unauthorized construction of a basement under the first floor, and the addition of a swimming pool and a structure on the garden. The second to fourth floors of the detached house have a total of five buildings.

According to the order, the owners of the four houses are required to commence the restoration works within 9 days from 22 September and complete the works within 90 days.

Ni Xueren, a registered structural engineer, said that the demolition of the main wall may lead to the unstable structural framework of the overall detached house, and the construction of a large number of unauthorized buildings will increase the load on the building. (Profile photo/Photo by Lin Ruoqin)

Engineer: It can cause the overall structural framework to be unstable

Ni Xueren, a registered structural engineer, said that structural frames such as main walls are most important to support vertical weight, such as people and furniture, and also resist lateral forces such as wind pressure and earth pressure. In addition to reducing the load-bearing capacity of the detached house, the removal of the main wall will also transfer the load-bearing capacity to the nearby structural frame, which may lead to the instability of the overall detached house structural frame.

In addition, the construction of a large number of unauthorized buildings will increase the load on the building, such as severe structural deformation and cracks, or settlement of the foundation may cause damage to the building. However, as to whether the construction and demolition of the main wall is a major cause of the landslide, Ni Zhi does not have sufficient data and is not sure. Ni added that there is a trespass behind the first floor of house No. 70, and at the same time, the basement is built and a large amount of soil is dug up, which will affect the stability of the hillside. However, whether this will cause a landslide on the opposite side of the official land still needs to be determined by on-site evidence.

▼On 9 September, officers of the Buildings Department and the Lands Department entered the Hung Shan Peninsula for a comprehensive investigation▼


▼The mud of the Hongshan Peninsula exposed large-scale unauthorized construction▼


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